FIX: Avast Behavior Shield Keeps Turning Off & Causing Performance Glitches

In the field of Antivirus, Avast is marked under the top five in the world. Avast Behavior Shield is one of the tools in Avast that comes embedded in the user interface. The shield is based on artificial intelligence that monitors the behavior of the user while using the internet, downloads/uploads and any possibility of a threat to PC.

Avast Behavior shield, a complete guide

Avast Behavior Shield has many reports of problems from users. The problems faced include its auto turn off, system crash, fail to load avast antivirus, problems in internet connectivity, etc. Usually, the reason behind these problems is a change in any setting in Avast UI or System Settings. Following is the complete guide to fix the problem occurring due to Avast Behavior Shield and everything you need to know.

What is Avast Behavior Shield?

Avast Behaviour Shield is basically a protection tool that was adapted from Norton and AVG Antivirus in Avast 2017 version onwards. It provides real-time protection for any incoming spam or threat along with keeping the watch on user behavior. Using the wide avast database, behavior shield blocks any incoming spam while the user is online. It also promotes the protection of any new software installation or hacking attack coming from the internet over Avast Security.

Since it is embedded with the avast antivirus, it is enabled for all of its actions. Sometimes it causes problems like auto turn off and finally coming out with an error. Avast Shield gets started as soon as antivirus autoruns when pc is turned on. Sometimes due to errors on the internet connection or user interface, avast behavior shield keeps turning off.

As avast behavior shield adds an extra level of security, it can easily detect any erratic behavior caused due to any virus or malware threat. It easily blocks the threats before they start affecting your pc. However, it is recommended that the user keeps the settings to default but modifying the settings can help out to disable avast behavior shield.

Modifying Settings

Avast Behavior shield controls three major settings in Avast Antivirus. These settings are related to the threat that Avast detect while scanning or protecting the computer from malware and suspicious attacks. On the main settings screen, you can choose what the computer does when a ‘threat is detected’. You can set the action to any of the following instructions:

  • Always Ask
    This option is present in the main dashboard of the Avast User Interface. This option notifies the avast for any threat detected and asks the user to choose what is to be done with this threat. User can either choose to ignore the threat, move it to the virus chest or simply delete the threat permanently.
  • Automatically move Detected Threat to Chest
    All the threat that gets identified with the avast database online is automatically moved to the virus control chest. These threats are then rectified and eliminated permanently from the computer.
  • Automatically Move Known Threats to Chest
    Enabling this option simply moves all the threats that are unknown to the avast database but seems to be a threat to the computer. This option is usually the main reason that causes Windows crash on detecting any trusty source as a threat.

Avast Exclusion Settings

Exclusion settings or Avast Exceptions is basically another setting that is available for configuration in avast antivirus. Adding any file or task to the exclusion list can prevent it from being detected as a threat by antivirus. User has to specify to exclude avast behavior shield from the auto start and turn off. Simply add the folder you want to be in whitelist by typing its location in the space provided. There is also the option to browse and select the specific folder. To remove a folder from exclusions list, select the folder you want and click ‘Delete.’Task Manage showing High CPU usage because of Behavior Shield in Avast

The folder that is excluded from behavior shield can be detected in other system and avast scans. Go through Settings>>General>>Exclusions to add the desired folder to exceptions. It is recommended that Avast Behavior shield is kept enabled to keep the system protected from threats.

To know More about Avast Exclusions and Whitelist, Click Here

Why Avast Behavior Shield Keeps Turning Off?

In the latest version of Avast Antivirus, there have been reports from the users about facing the issue of avast behavior shield turns off. The problem comes when it cannot be enabled manually. The shield keeps turning off because of the programs that are blocked by avast but are marked safe due to admin rights.

Try Avast Browser 

When after installing the Avast antivirus to the system, if the user is getting the error stating avast behavior shield is now off then an update to the software is available. This problem is faced in Avast 2017 and Avast 2018 versions of antivirus. Updating to the 2019 version of Avast antivirus can solve the problem of Avast Behavior Shield permanently. To eliminate the error user can also turn off the shield from there respective versions of antiviruses.

Steps to Disable Avast Behavior Shield Permanently

Since Avast Behavior Shield is a useful tool for avast, especially after its 2017 versions, it is recommended to keep the shield enabled. But because of the bugs and issues that are causing errors in behavior shield of Avast antivirus, users can disable it according to ease. Usually, the problem comes up with avast behavior shield memory usage, where it consumes high CPU and gets stuck in processing.

Users have also reported the experiences with avast behavior shield memory usage causing trouble in the performance of PC. It is recommended to either switch to the latest version of antivirus or simply disable avast behavior shield. This can be the reason for Avast slowing down the computer.

Avast Dashboard highlighting the behavior shield

Follow the steps to disable behavior shield:

  1. Go to Avast Antivirus Dashboard,
  2. Click on the Settings tab,
  3. Open the Components option,
  4. Double click on Behavior Shield Option,
  5. Now click and turn the green tab to red,
  6. Click on Stop Permanently,
  7. Click on Confirm and restart the system.

Alternate Methods For Fixing Avast Behavior shield Error

Avast Behavior Shield CPU usage becomes high once it occurs with an error. User can disable the shield but it is not recommended according to avast user forums. Rather it is suggested to apply any of the following alternative methods. These methods let the behavior shield enabled by fixing the bugs causing Auto turn off for it.

Avast Cleanup Tool

Avast offers a clean-up utility tool that helps to clear cache from pc and closes all the applications running in the background. However, sometimes avast cleanup tool becomes responsible for high CPU usage. By deleting the utility tool can fix the occurring problems completely. Follow the steps to remove avast cleanup tool.Avast behavior shield showing auto turn off error

Image Source:

  1. Click on the Avast Icon and open it,
  2. Once in the avast dashboard, click on the settings tab and go to components,
  3. In the Screen, User can uninstall the components added with Avast Antivirus,
  4. Click on Avast Cleanup Tool ( ↓ ) and press uninstall option,
  5. Confirm the uninstallation, and reboot the PC.

This procedure actually disables the process. Once it is needed again, the user can simply enable it using the same options. These steps are also valid to disable avast behavior shield.

Using Command Prompt

Applications running in the background do not come in the eyes of users. But this application keeps on consuming the CPU. One such application is referred to with background scanning in avast. This is an auto feature and starts scanning the system files after user login. Using the command prompt, the user can disable Avast scanning or behavior shield from the background.

  1. Click on Windows Key + R, to start the RUN tool,
  2. Now type cmd and run command prompt as admin,
  3. Now type the command C:\ ProgramData\AvastSoftware\Avast
  4. Hit enter to execute the command. This will open a new window.
  5. Locate and open avast5.ini.file and insert the following command in line:
    [GrimeFighter] : ScanFrequency=999
    You would need to now save the file.
    Reboot your PC and check if the issue is solved or not.

Update Antivirus to Latest Version

Usually with an outdated version of antivirus starts causing problems along with the high CPU usage issues. Since the old version of antivirus is not updated with the latest threats, Behavior shield in avast becomes unable to detect any newborn threat. Updating to latest Avast 2019 version will solve the problem. Follow the steps below to update to Avast 2019 for free.

Update avast antivirus to latest version

  1. First, open the Avast dashboard by clicking on its icon in the system tray or double-clicking the icon in the desktop.
  2. Click on Update Option located in the top right corner of the dashboard,
  3. There are two options for update one is for virus definition database and another is for complete software update.
  4. Update with both the options to completely setup Avast 2019 Antivirus.

Check If the Scanning Is Active

Usually, Avast Antivirus starts scanning for virus and threats in the background. It can harness the performance of CPU by causing high disk usage. This can also be the reason for behavior shield consuming resources over the computer. To disable by default scan in the background follow the steps below:

Avast scanning in progress

Image Source:

  1. Right Click on any file and select the option to scan with Avast Antivirus.
  2. It would open a scan result window where you would be able to see which scans are currently running on your PC.
  3. Now in the avast dashboard, find the option to disable avast screen saver, and click on the stop button.
  4. Check your CPU usage, it should solve your problem.

Using Control Panel

This is the last resort when no other option is workable. Using the control panel, the user can repair the avast antivirus software easily. To repair avast antivirus from the control panel, follow the below-listed steps:

  1. Log in As Admin With PC,
  2. Now click on Start and Select Control Panel to open it,
  3. In the control panel, with the option available in the right sight of the window, set the view as the category,disable avast behavior shield from task manager
  4. Click on the option ‘Uninstall a program’ which you will find under the programs section,
  5. Find Avast Antivirus in a list of programs installed
  6. Click on uninstall and select repair option,
  7. A confirmation window will open in which you would need to click on Yes. The repair would set your Avast with default settings,
  8. Click on finish and restart your PC. Now check whether it has fixed your issue or not.


Avast Behavior Shield is one of the useful tools that comes embedded in avast. This article clears everything for the question of what does avast behavior shield does. There are many different methods which can simply eliminate the problem of Avast Auto turn of an error of high CPU usage. If the problem still persists, please let us know in the comments section below.

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