Methods To Add Avast Exceptions & Create Avast Whitelist

Using Avast Antivirus is a good choice on your pc. Avast is a nice and efficient antivirus which detect 99.9% of the incoming threats to your systems if you are running with the latest version of Avast. However, from its wide selection of secure websites, sometimes Avast Exceptions start blocking any unknown and unsecured website and applications that avast feels are dangerous and may be tempering your settings and files. But if the user feels to be safe in such cases and wants to continue the use of such item, then you have to simply add it to Avast Whitelist.

how to add exception to avast

It is really very rare that avast block any safe website or program. When avast blocks any safe program which is according to you is positive and according to Avast is false, is said “false-positive”. This false-positive of the App. or website occurs due to the different definition of avast for detecting the threat. You can simply eliminate any of your favorites by adding exception to avast whitelist.

Avast Exceptions

When avast starts blocking your favorite programs and websites and you want to run on your computer, then you can create an avast exclusions list which can simply eliminate the blocking for the particular item. You must have by now got to have learned about the STEAM, a very popular software, it frequently gets blocked by the avast antivirus false-positive report.

We say that before creating an avast whitelist or adding the exclusions, you simply make sure that you did not get any threat. Make a complete and proper scan on a particular website or App. and analyze the threat warning due to which avast is blocking your program. After you have completely analyzed everything then it’s the time to create an exclusion list on your Avast.

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Anyway, we strongly recommend scanning the file/webpage also through some other virus engines to make sure it’s really clean. For this, you can use a free online scanner VirusTotal. Sometimes you may think the file/URL are safe but they are actually infected and it’s not just Avast which is detecting them.

Follow the guide below in order to learn how to add exceptions to avast and create your own synchronized avast exclusion list to make your favorite thing running again on your PC. We have prepared this guide to teach you about all the possibilities that can appear in avast antivirus 2018 and avast antivirus 2019 (premium pro versions).

Add an exception in Avast

There are basically three major ways or three types of exceptions that can be created on avast. In order to create the avast exception list. Please read all the three possibilities and methods so that you can make out that which is your proper solution. These are the valid steps in Windows 7, to the latest version of Windows 10. ( You need to have genuine Windows 10 Product Keys in order to upgrade from any lower version)

  1. Exclude Any Specific File, Folder, Application, or Program.
  2. Exclude only a Website or URL from all Scannings made by Avast
  3. Add Avast Whitelist Exception for any Particular system or shield

Exclude Specific Items

File, Folder, Application, website, URL, or Program.

When you are seeking to add exclusions and create an avast whitelist for any file, folder, applications, program, even websites, and URL, then follow the steps below along with the concerned images, to make your own exception list. This method is generally referred to as Global Whitelist or Exclusion List.

  1. Go to Your Avast Dashboard,
  2. You can reach your avast dashboard double-clicking the avast icon on your desktop, system tray or program files.
  3. Go to Settings option in the Menu,
  4. Find and click on the General
  5. Find Exclusions, and click on File Path,
  6. Add whatever file, folder or website you are seeking to add on.
  7. Added applications or paths will now no more come as warning under scanning.

Exclude only a Website or URL

When you are seeking to add an exception to any of the specific avast shields or you can say adding exceptions to avast for the website, follow these listed steps:

  1. Go to your Avast dashboard,
  2. now find the settings option in the menu list,
  3. in settings go to general,
  4. Now go to the exclusion list tab
  5. add the website or URL you are seeking to add up.
  6. Please make sure that before adding any whitelist program avast you shall check for all possible threats due to which avast is attempting to block them.

avast add websit exception

By following these simple settings, now your added URL will no more be blocked by any of the avast shields.

Avast Whitelist for Particular system

For adding the avast exceptions for any particular shield or a particular type of settings, then follow these steps, this may be seen to be a bit of difficult butt its as simple as all other methods too.

  1. Go to your Avast dashboard,
  2. now find the settings option in the menu list
  3. Click on the active protection option.
  4. Now you have to select the shield from the list on which you are seeking to add an exception.
  5. Click on the customize link option.
  6. Find the menu item Exclusions
  7. add an item you want to exclude from scanning by the specific Avast shield.
  8. You can also specify when the exclusion applies (for reading, writing, or executing)

These are the steps by which you can easily add an exception to the avast. If however still you are unable to get them blocked, then you have to forcefully restart all the shields. Avast Safezone Browser is a safe and secure internet browser which comes with embedded Avast Exceptions.

Restart Avast Shields

Restarting the avast shield basically reset the cookies. So when you have restarted the avast shield, then only it will take the effect of the changes you have made till now.

  1. Go to the avast dashboard,
  2. Go to Avast Shield Control,
  3. Disable for 10 minutes,
  4. Click on Confirm,
  5. Now again go back to the Avast shield controls,
  6. click on enable all shields,

By now all websites, files or folders that were not able to get open will start opening and there will not be any more of the software blockage. All you need to do is finally restart your computer. There are many times when the problem arises with the user for the email signature that avast usually shows in its email clients when installing on your computer. You can refer to remove avast email signature guide and remove the problems of appearing email signatures.

Report a False Positive Detection to Avast

We would like to say that if your computer is giving you any false-positive detection, then you should quickly make the report to avast so that avast support team can simply find a solution to it. Link to report is included on every in-product pop-up displayed when the harmful webpage or file is blocked. Just click on Report the file as a false positive.

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