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Talking of Antivirus, then Avast Antivirus solutions have made their ways to many different systems and computers. All versions of Avast Antivirus comes with an embedded tool i.e. Avast Passwords. It is much the same as google passwords that are embedded in your chrome browser. It helps to safeguard all of your secret information and data by keeping its protection program.

avast passwords

This password manager by avast manage all the passwords input along with services like filling web forms, information about you, different login details for different accounts, etc. Avast Passwords manage to keep them safe and sound all in one place. Comparing to the embedded password managers in any browser with Avast, then Avast is more safe and secure to keep details of your record. It will help you to save your information from attackers and SPAM actions. It is always a good choice to use this tool to safeguard your sensitive information and your Identity details.

Avast Passwords

Avast Passwords Manager is a tool from avast, which offers you to manage and save your passwords and identity details with better security that can be used anytime while you are surfing on the internet. It is the best available manager to keep the records of your passwords & identity safe and sound.  Following are the incredible features for Avast Passwords Manager are as follows:

  1. Save your time using Auto logins and form filing.
  2. Passwords are saved automatically for further logins to any website or application.
  3. Helps you to create new and secure passwords in the case of new user registrations.
  4. Avast Password Generator custom password generation option that helps you to generate passwords with a different type of characters included.
  5. You can clear all the passwords or registration details in one click, making you more secure to your sensitive information.
  6. It can import passwords from all different kinds of browsers, password manager and applications.
  7. Helps you to sync your data between other mobile and computer devices, so now you need to worry that is avast passwords safe
  8. This manager helps you to save your net banking or credit card details so you can easily access them in a secure manner every time you seek to pay online.
  9. You can set a password to safeguard your details in Avast Password Manager.
  10. It also allows you to create secure notes, thus making it the best free password manager available.

System Requirements:

Using Avast Passwords Manager is now absolutely easy and completely free. You do not need to purchase the premium version of Avast antivirus and you can simply download passwords manager individually to your PC. Following are the basic system requirements for avast password extension.

  • Microsoft Windows 10Every version for the Windows 10 is supported. So if you are using windows 10, then there are no worries and you can simply download and install Avast Passwords.
  • Microsoft Windows 8 / 8.1: Any edition except Windows 8 RT or Starter, 32-bit or 64-bit versions supported.
  • Microsoft Windows 7: Service Pack 1 or higher, All the editions for Windows 7 supports Avast Password Manager.
  • Microsoft Windows Vista: Service Pack 2 or higher, any edition except Starter, 32-bit or 64-bit versions are supported.
  • Microsoft Windows XP: Service Pack 3 (any edition, 32-bit or 64-bit)
  • Android: For mobiles and tablets, Android version 4.0 or upper.
  • MAC OS: For versions Mac Sierra and upper upgrades.

Avast Passwords: Security

As a part of the renowned Antivirus program, Avast Passwords are way more secure as compared to the password managers available with different internet browsers. Whenever you use any passwords or details, password manager automatically fetches and saves the information in your device. Any sensitive information saved by usual password managers will be vulnerable to attacks and hacking.

Whereas, when talking of Avast Password Manager,then avast basically save your information with encrypted files. Encryption basically says that the details are save in another coding language that can be decoded by using that particular gateway only. Thus files and all the details saved with avast passwords, are basically safer than any other password manager. All the encryption decoding is done when you are logged in with a particular ID which was used to save passwords initially and on any device.

Browsers Supported By Avast Passwords

As avast passwords are available for all windows version from Windows XP onwards, along with MAC and Android functioning, it can run in most of the browsers available on the internet. Following browser supports avast passwords:

  • google chrome,  (chrome password manager gets disabled when using avast passwords chrome extension)
  • Mozilla Firefox,
  • Pre-embedded in Avast Secure browser and Avast Safezone Browser
  • Microsoft edge
  • Internet Explorer
  • UC Browser,
  • Opera Browser
  • AOL Browser
  • Tor Browser, etc.avast passwords chrome extension

Installation Process for Avast Password Manager

Avast Password Manager can be downloaded and installed for free. You can also install avast password extension in browsers listed above and you can get it embedded in browsers like Avast Safezone and Avast Secure Browsers. If you are using any other browser, then you can simply visit the official avast website and download the software or app for your operating system.

FIX: Windows Modules Installer Worker High CPU

You can get Avast Passwords Manager free when you are using Avast Antivirus with your PC. Avast Password Manager is pre-installed and is embedded with all versions of Avast antivirus. Avast Password manager is available with almost all of the products that are delivered from avast. You can also download avast password manager in your pc separately. User can either opt for the premium version of download free version according to your uses.

You can set up Avast Password Independently on your computer using the following steps:

  1. Open the Avast user interface
  2. Select Privacy,
  3. Click ‘Get Started’ icon,
  4. If you are using Google Chrome, click Activate in Google Chrome and follow the steps in your browser to install the Passwords extension.
  5. Return to the Passwords screen in Avast Antivirus.
  6. If you are using Mozilla Firefox, then click Activate in Firefox and follow the steps in your browser to install the Passwords extension.
  7. Return to the Passwords screen in Avast Antivirus.
  8. After you have successfully installed Avast Password Manager, all your passwords would be imported from all the browsers you are using on your computer.
  9. If you do not have any passwords saved in your browsers, then you have to add it manually. To add your passwords manually you need to click Add Manually (or Add Account) to provide the login details for your online accounts

Premium Avast Passwords Manager

When you are seeking to get more security features in your password manager, then you shall opt for the premium version of an avast password manager. Premium Avast Password Manager has much more features to simply save your sensitive data with more security along with ease of access with many more tools embedded with it.

In Premium version you get Avast features like One Touch Login which allows you to use your Android or iOS mobile device to access Avast Passwords installed on your Windows PC and Password Guardian which helps you to notify if you have any weak, duplicated, or compromised passwords. You can simply purchase the premium version for this tool and can seek avast refund if you feel it’s not worth the price.

You can upgrade your passwords manager anytime into premium avast version by using the following steps:

  1. open the Avast user interface
  2. go to Protection then click on Passwords
  3. From the Passwords screen, click the Password Guardian tab,
  4. Select Buy Now.
  5. follow the on-screen instructions to upgrade your product.

Customize Settings:

In order to customize the avast password manager settings, follow the below listed steps,

  1. Open the Avast user interface
  2. select Privacy and go to Passwords
  3. Click Settings in the top-right corner of the screen
  4. Use the tabs in the left-side panel to adjust your Avast Passwords settings

Sync With Multiple Devices

You can sync avast passwords manager with multiple devices using avast sign in. Since Avast Password Manager is capable to run in Windows, Mac OS and Android devices, you can easily sync all your data between your multiple devices so that you can enjoy all the benefits of a password manager. Therefore you can connect and sync all devices with avast password manager using the below steps:

To enable synchronization in Avast Passwords from your current device:

  1. Open the Avast user interface
  2. Select Privacy Passwords
  3. Click Settings on the top-right corner of the screen
  4. Select the Sync & backup tab from the left-side panel,
  5. Now click Turn On
  6. If you haven’t already created a Master Password, you will be prompted to do this before continuing
  7. Create or log into your Avast Account to enable synchronization.

Avast EasyPass

Avast EasyPass stores and encrypts your passwords and basic personal info. Recognizing common field types, it knows what data to put where. Then all it takes is one click – to log in or complete entire forms. Never worry again about remembering your passwords when you’re on a different computer. Recognizing common field types, it knows what data to put where. Avast EasyPass stores your login credentials (including usernames and passwords) in encrypted files called Passcards. Passwords are encrypted using military-grade AES encryption, with the key that is derived from your EasyPass Master Password. The only way to unlock one of your Passcards is by using your Master Password.

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Using Avast Passwords Manager is an easy and simple tool. It helps you to take care of all the passwords and account/credit card details. If you still have any problems related to avast passwords manager you can comment in the section below. Or you can also connect using login.

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