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Released in 2018, Avast Secure browser is the successor for the Avast Safezone Browser with some new security features to protect your information with more safety and security. The new avast secure browser is now based on Chrome App Engine (aka, Its interface is as same as google chrome browser) with the primary focus on Speed of browsing, Privacy while browsing and anytime security.

Avast Safezone Browser

Avast Secure Browser is currently available for the Windows OS platform. It is suitable for versions like Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. Avast Secure browser is also available for download independently without the need for Avast Antivirus in your computer. Avast claims that their browser is working two times faster than any conventional browser like chrome or Mozilla along with delivering you with security while surfing the internet.

On testing with heavy websites, online games and media streaming, avast stands to be really a bit faster browser compared to its competition in the market. There was no flaws or glitches found while working and Avast Secure browser stands to be the safest and most secure browser among all. Features like fast Bank Mode, anti-phishing, spam filter, https encryption, and anti-fingerprint tracking makes the avast browser the first choice of professional or official users. Many features that are present in all the browsers are renamed and made more secure in an avast safe browser.

Avast Safezone Browser Review

Avast Secure Browser is equipped with complete security and usability features that will make your experience more refined and more soothing. We have conducted all the proper tests to specify the usability and limits of Avast Safezone Browser. Some of the basic and extraordinary features of Avast are as follows:

  • Avast Safezone Browser, whichever version you are using, you get the feature of integration with avast antivirus. This browser comes integrated with avast antivirus.
  • Along with its integration features, tools like avast secureline VPN, Avast Passwords and Avast Bank mode are also included.
  •  Looking for secure banking, Avast Bank Mode is one of the tools from avast that especially take care when you are dealing with money or banking online. It helps in protecting the passwords, data and account details from any kind of spam or issues that can cause you to lose your valuable money.Avast Browser Tab
  • Another nice and useful feature that is integrated into the avast secure browser is that it is integrated with a video downloader. You can easily download your favorite videos from websites like youtube, facebook, Dailymotion, etc.
  • Adblocker is also present in avast antivirus. Now you can block all those unwanted adds simply by turning your setting to block add.
  • Avast Flash Blocker helps in blocking all kinds of flash files that come up and start running suddenly without any hassle. It automatically blocks any malicious flash file or outdated flash files.
  • Avast also give anti fingerprinting effect in avast safezone browser. It helps you to save your identity so no one can identify or any of your personal details.
  • Anti Phishing feature in avast browser blocks the dangerous and harmful websites before opening them. Along with anti-phishing, the anti-tracking feature also lets you to simply hide all your personal information. Anti-tracking disables the websites to collect your information and thus saving you from un-necessary email marketing and advertisements.
  • Avast Stealth mode lets you surf the internet without making any kind of temporary file download over your computer’s drives and folders. It also saves down the cookies and history to save on your PC.
  • Avast Secure Browser also allows only the websites that are SSL Encrypted. HTTPS Encryption forces your browser to open only the websites that are secure and encrypted.
  • Avast Password Manager is also preinstalled and integrated into avast browsers. It maintains and saves all the passwords in encrypted codes and language.
  • Extension Guardin avast browsers helps you to be protected. It simply blocks the malware or add-ons to get installed on your browser.
  • Avast Privacy Cleanerhelps you to delete all the browsing history, passwords, cookies and bookmarks on a single click.

According to our review, Avast Secure browser is as same as the Avast SafeZone Browser. This browser is worth switching and it will easily replace chrome browser from your day to day life. Avast Secure browser is similar to chrome browser. However, avast as being the Antivirus Software company has made the avast browser more interesting and more useful. It is not necessary to install avast antivirus in order to get the Avast Browser. You can download avast secure browser independently on your computer.

Settings screen in Avast Safezone Browser


Avast SafeZone Browser Free Download || Avast SafeZone Installer

Avast Secure Browser Free Download || Avast Secure Installer

Security settings of Avast Browser


How to Get Avast Browser?

Both avast safezone browser download and avast secure browser can be downloaded for the official avast website for free. There are basically two different methods to get avast browser downloaded on your computer. You can download it from the official avast website as a single browser or you can get it along with the antivirus package from avast. Follow the steps below to download Avast Secure Browser / Avast SafeZone Browser on your PC:

  • You can Download Avast Browser From the above links,
    Download Avast SafeZone Browser || Download Avast Secure Browser
  • After your Download has finished, Click on the downloaded file and unzip it.
  • After extracting the installer files for avast browser, find and click on setup.exe,
  • Click on Yesfollowed by Accept And Install button,
  • Agree to terms and conditions and continue following the instructions on your screen.

How to Uninstall?

Uninstalling Avast Browser is easy and you can do it following two different methods:

I. Using the Windows Control Panel

  • Click the Start menu and go to Control Panel,
  • Now click on Programs then go to Programs and Features,
  • Click on Avast SafeZone Browser (or, Avast Secure Browser),
  • Now Click on Uninstall.
  • Select yes when Prompt asks you to delete browsing history and saved passwords as well.

II. Using Avast Removal Tool 

If you are not able to delete or uninstall Avast Secure browser from the control panel, then you can also use Avast Removal Tool so that you can delete or remove any program completely from your pc. All you have to do is simply download the avast removal tool and delete avast safezone browser / secure browser from your PC.Video download option from youtube

  • Download Avast Removal Tool ( click here)
  • Install and Run the tool as Administrator,
  • Now from the list of installed programs on your computer, remove avast secure browser from your PC.
  • After you have finished your installation process, your current default internet browser will take you to a page where you will be asked to submit a survey. You can simply avoid it and restart your computer.

Shall I prefer Avast SafeZone Browser?

We say on comparing the Avast Secure Browser with other browsers like google chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Microsoft edge, we would say that it is better to use the avast secure browser as it has more advanced and versatile features. Avast Browser is far better when talking of speed of the browser. Also, it stops all the spam and malicious attacks on your PC. Considering many qualities listed above in the article we would say that it would be a nice choice to start using Avast Secure Browser over other internet browsers.

Guide: Windows Modules Installer Worker.

What is Avast Secure Browser?

Avast Secure Browser is basically the successor of the Avast Safezone browser. Avast has changed and modified the avast browser to make it more user-friendly and more secure. Both the versions have a nice looking Avast UI. You can still download both the browsers, i.e. Avast Safezone browser and Avast Secure browser from the official website. If you are installing Avast antivirus in the older version ( Avast Antivirus 2018 or earlier) then you will get Avast safezone browser in the package. Whereas all the latest versions come with Avast Secure Browser.

Where Can I Download?

In order to download any of the Avast Web Browser, You have two options, one is to simply download the standalone avast browser from official avast website and second is that you can get it via installing Avast Antivirus onto your computer.

Why I cannot Find Avast Safezone browser over the internet?

Avast has replaced its Avast Safezone Browser with new Avast Secure Browser. It is simply the more advanced version as compared to its successor in terms of usability and security. It has enhanced its security features making Avast secure browser the most reliable and safe browser available.

Should I go For Avast Secure or Avast SafeZone Browser?

It is as safe as its earlier version along with more integrated features. You do not need to have add ons or plugins installed on your computer when you are using an avast secure browser. Avast Safezone is an outdated browser now. We simply suggest you install the latest version of the avast browser and it will be worth using and replacing the traditional internet browsers.

Summing Up

Avast Secure Browser is no more different from the Google Chrome browser. Both browsers look the same and perform the same. However, Avast SafeZone Browser is equipped with more safety and security making it the more reliable browser. Avast Browser worth a try to switch your browser to a new one and make your internet working safer. All the privacy features in Avast Secure Browser keep you completely safe.


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