Fix: Avast Slowing Down Computer, Freezing PC & High CPU Usage

The users want to keep secure their data and computer. Most of them install anti-virus to stay safe. There are so many anti-viruses available on the internet. But, as we know that Avast is the most used and trusted anti-virus. Avast keeps clean your computer and helps you in many ways. Sometimes, The people face the issue of Avast slowing down computer, and they search on the internet to solve this problem.

avast slowing down computer

Google has so many searches about this problem, and Here, Some tips will help you to decrease the boot-time and increase the performance of your computer running on Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista and XP even you are using any avast solution.

Reasons For Avast Slowing Down Computer

This problem can generate due to many reasons for your computer and some of them are below-listed:

  • Damaged Hard Disk
  • Misaligned Partitions
  • Many Start-up programs
  • Low Disk Space
  • Too little RAM installed
  • Old operating system
  • Unactivated Windows Version (Activate Windows 10 Here)
  • No Reboot has done for a long time.
  • Multiple programs running at one time that hog RAM.

Some other issues also can slow down your computer such as when you install the Avast anti-virus, Some additional file will be downloaded automatically. Therefore, When you install the Avast you should check the background process of your computer.

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Fix Slow Computer Issues Due To Avast

You can find many methods to boost up of your PC on the internet but, If avast antivirus slowing down computer then you’ll find a few methods to speed up the computer. Here, We’ll discuss some important and easy method to solve this problem:

Why avast slowing down computer windows 10?

1. Load Avast After Windows Services

If your computer is starting slow, This is the perfect and easy method to solve this problem. Most of the time Avast services and Windows services clash with each other. This can lead to the Slowing of Computer due to Avast Antivirus. When you load the Avast after windows services, then everything will be turn on after the Windows is loaded. This method will speed up your computer, but it can create security risks because your system won’t be fully protected for a few seconds. Follow below-listed steps to run this method:

  1. Open the main interface of your computer,
  2. You’ll see the Settings option in the left menu,
  3. Go to the Settings,
  4. You should find the ‘Troubleshooting,’Avast Troubleshooter
  5. There will be an option “Load Avast services only after loading other system services,”
  6. If it’s unchecked, So you have to just check it.

Usually, this method works properly and impacts on the boot time of the computer, So it shall be used. However, If not then you should leave option because it’ll be more dangerous in terms of security.

2. Postponing Background Updates

Most of the internet users know avast slows down the computer due to background updates. As you know that when you start the computer and want to check something online then avast starts downloading the latest version. It is the main reason that causes Avast to slow down the computer. This problem can also happen when you are working on the internet, and you are playing the game on your computer. So, Here is an easier way to disable the background updates and increase the performance of your computer.

  1. Open the main program interface,
  2. Go to the Settings,
  3. Find the Option ‘Update,’
  4. Select the “Virus Definitions”
  5. And expand the Settings,
  6. You’ll see three options in Settings Automatically, Ask when available, and Manually,
  7. Select the option which you prefer.Lack of enough memory can be a reason for avast slowing down computer

For the security of your system, We’ll suggest choosing option b, Because you can fully control the Update downloading by using this method. The latest version of Avast is available anytime when you want to update. It will show you a notification to update, So you can easily update avast by clicking Update Now. You should update avast as soon as possible.

The good thing about this method is that security risk is shallow because avast will update after your permission. You can turn on automatic Update by clicking on ‘Turn on.’

It will show you an Attention message on a yellow background. If you don’t like it, you can adjust the settings and make it ‘YOU ARE PROTECTED’ again. If you have updated Avast, you can ignore this notification.

3. Free Up Disk Space 

You should free the disk space when your disk is shown to be full. It can be a reason for avast slowing down computer Windows 10. You can quickly free the space by deleting the unnecessary files, removing the trash, and deleting videos or images. Your disk can decrease the performance of your computer, So you should clean it. You can use Avast Cleanup; It’ll scan your computer to identify the unwanted files which should be removed.

4. Increase Computer Memory 

Sometimes, Avast slows down the computer because your computer doesn’t have enough memory. The older computers have low memory and low RAM. So due to the lack of memory, your computer can’t run the latest and advanced software. You should choose at least 4 GB RAM and 500 GB hard disk to run any latest application.

5. Uninstall Old or Outdated Software

The old or outdated software can create so many problems on your computer. So, you should remove or uninstall that software.

You can use the ‘Software Updater’ tool that provides the update for any software. This software updater is developed by Avast and you can easily download it from the official website of avast.

Avast Antivirus UI Failed To Load

Tips to Boost The Performance Of Windows 10

There is some easy method to speed-up of your computer when avast antivirus slowing down computerdue to any reason.

1. Uncheck Avast Community and Data Sharing

  1. Go to the Settings >> General>>Privacy
  2. You’ll see two options ‘Participate in the Avast community‘ and ‘Participate in data sharing‘,
  3. You should un-check both options because after it Avast can’t create any problem on your computer.

2. Switch Off the Mail Shield

This is a very simple and easy to apply method if you are not using any online email services like Gmail, Yahoo, etc.

  1. Go to the Settings,
  2. Select Components,
  3. Click ‘Switch’ to “OFF” the mail shield,
  4. Select ‘Stop permanently.’

Here is also an alternative method to remove the whole Mail Shield component from your computer. In this method, you should disable Software Update, Browser Cleanup, and Cleanup Background. Follow the below-listed steps to apply this method:

  1. Click Settings>>Components,
  2. Select Customize,
  3. And un-check ‘Enable Software Updater‘ for Software Update,’
  4. You should Check your browser also.

3. Disable Remote Assistance

If you are not regularly using Remote Assistance, You should disable it. See these points to disable Remote Assistance:

  1. Open the Settings,
  2. Click Tools,
  3. and change the switch for Remote Assistance to ‘OFF‘ state,
  4. After that go to the ‘Troubleshooting,’
  5. And uncheck “Allow remote control of this computer”.

4. Remove Avast Tool

Avast has so many tools, The users don’t use all the tools. If avast slows down computer, So you should remove the tools that you are not using.

  1. Open the Programs in your Windows,
  2. Click Uninstall or change programs,
  3. Select avast,
  4. And click on Change,
  5. You’ll see an Avast setup window, Click on Change,
  6. Un-check the tools that you don’t use and want to remove.

Avast Free Antivirus dashboard

If you are not using email services then you can also remove Mail shield.

5. Expert Help

All the method that we discussed in the above paragraphs is free. But this is a paid method. Therefore you have to pay $20 a year and buy Avast Cleanup. It is the most used and believable method when avast slowing down computer Windows 10. We believe it’s worth and it’ll increase the performance of your computer.


Avast Antivirus is one of the best available in the market for Windows 10 and its earlier versions. Many time when Windows services start clashing with Antivirus services, it can lead avast antivirus to slow down the computer. Since uninstalling Antivirus is not a solution, it is recommended to change and save the settings. If the problem still persists, please comment in the section below and our team will revert in 24 hours.

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