Simple Steps to Hide/Remove Avast Email Signature From Online E-Mail Accounts

In many of the additive features from avast, the one you get is the secure email service options. Does not matter which antivirus version of Avast antivirus is installed, Avast Email Signature is always attached with all the incoming and outgoing emails. This is basically the sign of secure email, but many users seek to remove avast email signature. We are here and about to discuss all the possibilities by which you can simply remove the avast watermark from your email servers.

avast email signature

When you handle email with your pc protected by avast, then you get the notification that this email has been sent from a virus-free computer protected by Avast.  This line appears in every email that you create and send with avast safe computers.  Also, the emails that you receive are protected by avast. Basically avast antivirus keeps the track on the all incoming and the outgoing data on your pc. In this way, avast antivirus is able to protect our computer more securely.

Avast Email Signature

Avast email signature is basically the avast scanning the email for all the possibilities of threat and vulnerabilities. This ensures that you get the virus-free avast email. Thus avast ensures the protection on both the ends from where the email generated and from where it is delivered. It is the assurance that everything you are conducting is completely safe. This feature can be used in Avast Safezone Browser for free since it is embedded in it.

There is a different notification for every different version of Avast antivirus. There is a tool named Avast email Shield which is responsible for scanning all the incoming and the outgoing emails from almost all the email clients. Thus this is the reason that is responsible for the avast to scan email and add up the signature to your emails. There are different types of notifications that appear in a different type of avast email versions.

Avast 2014-15 version this email has been sent from a virus-free computer protected by avast, avast email signature
Avast 2016 version This email has been checked for viruses by Avast antivirus software
Avast 2017 version this email has been sent from a virus-free computer protected by avast
Avast 2018 version Virus-free
Avast 2019 version Virus-free

There are no possible ways that can change or modify this message. Even if you are a coder, still you will not be able to crack the avast firewall easily thus this is the reason that you cannot have any change is avast email signature accept to disable them. This email has been sent from a virus-free computer protected by avast. 

Do it keep my information private

Since avast after its antivirus version 2014-15, started using the email signature tool. The email is scanned by the bots and avast firewall shield. Due to which there is no chance that any of your information gets leaked in the avast antivirus. So there is nothing to be worried about as your information is absolutely safe in avast avast antivirus email signature.  However many users seek to remove the email signature as they become problematic for them, so hey can simply disable the avast email signature removal.

Remove Avast email Signature

When using the avast protected pc, you eventually will notice that whenever you are accessing your email from avast, then Avast claims that the email information and contents are protected by the avast antivirus and the email is trouble-free. In different versions of antiviruses there are different versions of avast there are different signatures, but all mean out to be the same thing. Follow the details below to turn off avast email signature.


How to turn off avast email signature?

Follow the below-listed steps and you can remove the avast email signature by yourself. NOTE: Please make sure that you do not try to disable avast email security.

  1. Find the avast icon on your desktop or programs list.
  2. Right click on the icon
  3. select settings
  4. uncheck Enable avast email signature
  5. Click on confirm
  6. Restart your browser
  7. Login to your email again

By now all the signature marks from your email have been removed and there is no more visibility to the avast email signature.

Remove Signature From Single Email

A safe email means that all the contents of the email are absolutely safe and there are no possibilities that email could be hacked or get phishing attack in any case. However, sometimes when you are using your email for office purposes, then it kind of becomes odd. The signing of your official email by the avast corporation seems to be too tacky. Thus in such cases, you can easily remove the signature without removing any kind of protection on your email. thus we say that it is always better to get rid of avast email signature.

Email services or clients like google, yahoo, outlook, live, Hotmail, etc, whenever are accessed through the avast safe pc, then they are simply scanned by Avast antivirus if your antivirus is after the 2014 version.

avast antivirus home screen

In which browser avast signature does not work

Well, there is still one very old and famous browser in which the email signature is not valid, and accessing the email networks from that makes your all antivirus shield disable fo email signatures. Well, none then Opera Browser. This email signature is nothing but the cheap promotion games played by the companies. In fact, most of the antiviruses like AVG, Norton, etc use the email signature. Thus email Signature can be removed from any antivirus. Follow the article to completely understand and remove the signature from your email account.

Remove Avast from Email

Wondered how to turn off email signature? Well talking of disabling the email signature from avast then this is not typically especially n the latest versions for avast antivirus. You can simply disable the avast signature email by following the below-listed steps for different versions of Avast.

In Avast 2018 and avast 2019 antivirus

In the avast 2018/2019 antivirus versions, avast email signature remove it by just simple steps.

Picture showing about avast email signature

step 1: Double click on Avast Icon on your desktop.
step 2: you can also find the avast in your programs menu,
step 3: When you are inside your avast interface, click on the settings on top left corner of the avast user interface.
step 4: In the General section, you will find the option to Enable Avast email signature,
step 5: un-check it
step 6: confirm by clicking on the OK button.
step 7: restart your computer
step 8: log in to your email account, there will now be no notification for an email signature.

You can follow these steps in order to remove the signature completely from Gmail. If you seek t get the free avast antivirus then you can get it in the official avast website i.e.

In avast 2017/2016 Antivirus

The steps to remove the email signature listed above will not be able to work on the avast 2017/16 antivirus versions. However, if this is true then surely you are also not using the latest avast antivirus version for your pc. Well since every version has changed from its previous, so you have to follow different steps for different versions of avast antivirus.

step 1: Go to Avast Interface,
step 2: you can do this by either double-clicking on the avast icon on the desktop or you find it in program files.
step 3: go to Settings
step 4: click on Active Protection
step 5: Customize link in the Mail Shield row.
step 6: click on disable email footer signature option,
step 7: go to Behavior and find option Insert note into the clean message,
step 8: un-check it, and confirm by clicking on the OK button,
step 9: Restart your computer and you have disable avast email signature

In Avast 2015 or before

There is also the ways by which you can remove the email signature from avast antivirus 2015 or before that versions. However, this is a bit tricky step, as these versions user interfaces are not as much friendly as they are available now.

step 1: Add the Mail Shield Component,
step 2: Navigate through the Start menu to Programs
step 3: go to Programs and Features,remove avast email signature
step 4: Click on Change
step 5: Avast Antivirus Setup will appear
step 6: click on Modify
step 7: check the Mail Shield component.
step 8: Click on Change and wait until the setup finishes.

Now after following the above steps, you have by now enabled the mail shield on your avast antivirus. Now all you need to do is remove the email signature from your avast mail shield. This is the last step that will make you get rid of the email signature avast instantly.

Manage Your Avast Password Manager by this simple Guide.

Remove email Signature from Gmail

In this step, all you have to do is make a little modification to settings in EmailShield.ini File. In order to do so, simply follow the steps below:

step 1: Open Windows Start menu
step 2: search for a notepad, When the Notepad appears, right-click on it and select Run as administrator,
step 3: In the Notepad, go to File and click Open or simply press CTRL + O
step 4: write there following path.

In Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and Windows 10:

C:\ProgramData\AVAST Software\Avast\EmailShield.ini

In Windows XP:

C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\AVAST Software\Avast\EmailShield.ini

After Opening change the values as shown


step 5: Save the file by going to File, press Save or you can directly press CTRL + S
step 6: confirm Avast dialog if needed.
step  7: restart your computer.

Remove Avast from Outlook

All the above-listed steps will guide you with the methods by which you can remove avast email signature for Gmail, outlook, or any other major email client. Since it is just a promotional trick from the company, we advise you to simply remove the avast signature from your email clients. By now you have learned all the possible ways to remove it.

Avast email footer removal

This is none and the same thing we have discussed above. Thus simply follow the article and remove avast email footer. Also, comment in the section below if you have any queries.


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