Best Anti Virus Softwares Free and Paid

Anti-virus software has become an essential part of daily life, as most of us browse the web, shop online and carry out remote work on our devices.

If you’re having trouble picking the one you want, here is a list of the best anti virus softwares free and paid, complete with details and pricing.

Best Paid Antivirus Software


Bitdefender quickly rose up the ranks of antivirus software in 2021, mostly due to its robust features and versatility. It’s available on all your devices, including iOS, Android, Mac and Windows.

Just about every feature of Bitdefender will find some use, and you’ll find no shortage of them. Notable standouts include Safepay banking protection which takes the form of a secure browser, built-in VPN, a vulnerability scanner and a password manager.

The interface is well-designed and balanced, so even beginners will have no problems navigating after minutes of installing the software or app on their devices. It’s a complete all-in-one software for you and your family.

Avast One

Just like Bitdefender, Avast has done its homework in the features department. It’s also good at its primary job, which is detecting and eliminating viruses as they attack your device.

At the core of One is the antivirus technology, dubbed vast One Essential’. It’s worthy to note that there’s a free version of the bare-bones antivirus software and a good entry point for those who want to test the waters first before committing to a subscription.

For a nominal fee you get useful tools such as malicious URL blocking, webcam protection, ad blockers and a built-in VPN. Cost is pretty reasonable and can cover up to 30 devices.

Avira Antivirus

Those who want maximum value for their money will love Avira. The software has some pretty great protective technology and can be configured to your liking.

Avira can be installed on iOS, Android, Windows and Mac devices. Aside from the basic web protection it gives you proactive anti-ransomware and anti-phishing technology so you can stay safe online.

You can choose to get the entry-level version or upgrade to Prime and get bonuses such as unlimited VPN, mobile app support and a password manager. However, your best choice would be the Antivirus Plus, which is a step above the free version.

Webroot SecureAnywhere AntiVirus

If you like the idea of a software stopping viruses dead in its tracks but balk at the usage of your devices’ memory and processing power, consider the Webroot SecureAnywhere AntiVirus. It’s very lightweight and can run in the background while providing much-needed protection.

Installation is quick and you’ll be surprised at how fast it can scan your computer, smartphone or tablet. Aside from that, the software has other useful tools such as a firewall monitor, anti-phishing software and identity theft protection. The only limitation is that it’s not available on iOS and can only support up to 5 devices per plan.

Sophos Home

Sophos Home is a good option for those who want robust protection spanning multiple computers and laptops. The premium costs only a fraction of what big name antivirus brands offer, and you get advanced technology in a neat software package.

The interface has been over-simplified for the sake of intuitiveness, which offers some benefits in its own right. This means any user should be able to do what he or she wants in a short time. As for function, there’s plenty to like- AI-powered threat detection and advanced ransomware protection are definite standouts, and they both perform pretty well in the real world.

Sophos offered a free version of its antivirus software before, but that’s gone now. You can try it out for a few days just to see what it has to offer, but then you’ll want to go ahead and upgrade as soon as possible.

Best Free Antivirus Software

Microsoft Defender

Microsoft Defender was rebranded from Windows Defender and features vast improvements. Windows users should definitely give it a try and activate it since it’s free and comes with the operating system.

MS Defender can stave off the usual slew of viruses, as well as act as a shield versus ransomware. Furthermore, you get cloud backup, a few parental controls, privacy tools and webcam protection, all of which are must-haves in today’s times.

All it takes to get Defender working is to enable it. MS Defender is overall a good start, but for a more robust service you may need a paid antivirus solution.

Avast One Free

As mentioned, Avast One is a worthy option if you’re looking for great antivirus software for you and your family’s devices. The free version is no slouch, either- you get an above average protection without the slowdown, albeit with a few sacrifices.

Avast One Essential is the free antivirus software, and it has a special gaming mode that works like a do-not-disturb option. With this mode activated, all pop-ups won’t show, and your system can concentrate on putting its resources in churning out frames and pixels.

Gaming mode aside, you get a password manager so you won’t have to click that orgot password’ link again. However, that’s all there is- there’s no anti malware, ransomware or privacy tools. Also, the software will frequently include links that invite you to upgrade.

Avira Free Antivirus

For iOS users, Avira is the answer to Microsoft’s Defender software. You’ll just have to deal with the constant pop-ups or get the paid version for a more streamlined experience.

Avira works on iOS, Android and Mac computers and has system optimization tools to tune up your device every now and then. What’s great about the anti virus software is that it doesn’t take up too much CPU load and runs unobtrusively in the background.

You’d also be surprised at the amount of features in the free bundle- an anti-ransomware, VPN, identity protection, password manager and anti-scam protection, among others. The antivirus aspects works quite well and can quash almost all tested threats.\

The only downside is the constant pop-ups, but if you turn a blind eye then it’s a perfectly serviceable anti-virus software.