How to Keep Your Computer Virus Free

It’s pretty horrible to experience having a virus in your computer as everything you worked hard for can disappear right before your very eyes. It would be best to prevent viruses from entering your computer rather than do something about it when it is already there. The virus will make the same impact as viruses in your system. It will make your computer sick in such a way that you would want to take it to the nearest computer repair shop right away. That is how these businesses make an income. Yes, they rely on people to make the common mistake of not installing antivirus programs so they could remove all the programs in a flash. It would be better to know how to prevent viruses from penetrating your computer in more ways than one before something bad really happens. Here are a few ways regarding how to keep your computer virus free:

Install Updates

It is no secret the computer will be asking all the time whether not you would want it to get updated. The next thing to do would be to select yes. Even though it would take time for the update to finish, it would be a lot better to do it because you know it would be totally worth it when that is finally over. Add that to the fact that the updates are for your computer’s own good. When the updates are done, the overall use of your computer will become more convenient. Don’t be surprised if some things change but it will be for the better. There are times when you can set the updates during times when you are fast asleep. You just need to leave your computer on during that time and it will be done before you wake up.

Install Antivirus Software

Perhaps, the most obvious solution to this problem would be to install antivirus software. Just like protecting yourself from the virus, you would feel a bit safer if you did this as early as possible. Of course, you should set a budget for this as some antivirus programs are generally harder than others. As a matter of fact, you can’t really figure out what to install because of all the positive reviews. There are even times when you would be tempted to install two just like wearing two face masks to protect yourself from the current pandemic the world is experiencing. Some antivirus programs would offer

Strengthen Password

It would be best to use a password that nobody knows you for it. After all, if you use your birthday or the combination of your kids’ birth dates then it will be easy for other people to figure it all out. Make sure the password for this one is different from the rest. Also, it should be something you will remember and hard for other people to guess. For example, it can be a combination of symbols, numbers, and letters. It does not have to mean something. Don’t forget to change your password regularly. No matter how strong you think it is, you never know when the other people in your place or the other places where you access your computer may be looking at it. Once you change it, you can pretty much assure that everything would go back to zero.

Watch Downloads

Like it or not, some downloads start without the authority of the user. Thus, better watch all the downloads that are going on and quickly cancel some of those things that you did not really start. It would just be hard to watch those things when you leave the computer on during the night and see what would happen when you try and get some sleep while all those things are downloading. When that happens, you should keep an eye out for what could possibly happen. It would be better if you would take turns with someone else to watch the downloads. Of course, that would only happen if the computer is being used by other people at the house. When that happens, you know you should take it upon yourself to do things you were not expecting but it would be for the better.

Run a Virus Scan Regularly

It is evident you would want to look out for viruses that could possibly get into your computer. Virus scans would help you get in the computer so that you don’t have to deal with them. These things would even alert you when malware decides to get in. The last thing you would want to happen is to encounter a restarting computer as that would not be good for your vision. It is normal to put reminders regarding when you would want to do the next virus scan. Besides, doing it at least twice a week would be the safe way to go. When you do that, you would feel a bit more confident of maintaining a virus-free environment. The good news is that these scans don’t really last that long so do it the moment you turn it on.

We can’t stress the huge importance of knowing how to keep your computer virus free as there are different sources for the virus. Yes, you can’t assume you are safe from viruses when you access the Internet from your phone. There are many ways for the virus to get in there and as long as you are accessing the Internet, there is always the chance of getting hit with a virus. You can’t blame yourself if you get a bit scared if everything slows down a bit and it would suddenly hit you that something peculiar is happening behind the scenes. You never want that to happen so it would be better to be safe than sorry or you would end up regretting it yourself until the time comes that you lose all the files that you saved on your computer because you have no choice but to reformat it in order to get the virus out.