How to Remove Avast Email Footer

Are you looking for a less expensive way to protect your computer from viruses? Paying for a monthly or yearly subscription can be costly, especially when combined with other bills. Avast has grown in popularity among people looking for a less expensive way to protect their devices from viruses. Because the software is free, it will come with additional complexities, such as the messages on the footers that are automatically attached. This feature is also available in AVG, which is Avast’s sibling.

These automatic footers can be annoying and unprofessional, regardless of whether you use Avast or AVG. This article will demonstrate how to disable the footer messages in both the antivirus applications. Let us first examine how the footer messages in the two applications function.

What are the AVG and Avast Autogenerated footers?

The Avast automatic footer is a message that the application automatically displays at the bottom of each email that a person sends from their protected device. The message can be as simple as, “This email is virus-free” or “The email was sent from a computer protected by Avast.” Although it is a great way to indicate that your message is secure, the message can be annoying.

If you are a leader at a company and send a message to clients with the footer message, it can be embarrassing that you are not willing to pay for an antivirus. On the other hand, let’s give the application the props it deserves because that is a good marketing strategy! The brand creates awareness for more users who don’t have antivirus software.

After you install the software, the footer messages settings automatically activate. The software adds the message to Outlook and all browser emails like Gmail and Yahoo. As a result, everyone will know that you are using Avast or AVG antivirus software.

However, if the footer message bothers you that much, you can easily remove it every time you send a message. However, that can be tiring, especially if you send many work emails, and sometimes you can forget to detach the footer before sending the message. The good thing is that the application lets you disable that feature in their settings. That is why we are here to help you disable the footer messages for both the applications by following the steps below.

Removing The Avast Email Signature

If your laptop uses Windows software, you must have noticed the signatures. But how do you remove it? Today, we will provide some steps to get rid of the footnote on Windows 10. Here is how you should start:

* STEP 1: Find the application shortcut on your desk or click on the menu and search for the application. You will have the option to OPEN THE AVAST USER INTERFACE and select it to open the application interface.

* STEP 2: Click on the MENU. The menu button is located at the top left of the application’s user interface.

* STEP 3: Click on the SETTINGS button, which you can see on the menu sub-interface.

* STEP 4: After you have selected the Settings tab in the Menu category, go ahead and click on the PROTECTION tab on the left. This tab will display the protection settings and features list.

* STEP 5:Click on the core shield option and scroll through the list to find the “CONFIGURE SHIELDS SETTINGS. There are many sub-categories under this category. Select the last one to the right, which is the MAIN SHIELD

Under the Main Shield sub-category, you will notice several software features that protect your email against viruses. Those features are listed and have checkboxes. Click on the fourth one to uncheck the ADD A SIGNATURE TO THE END OF SENT EMAILS.

* STEP 6: Close the interface by clicking on the closing button, the X button in the corner.

That’s all you have to do! You will see the box is unchecked. That means that software will no longer add the footmark to each of your emails, saving you from sending many unprofessional emails.

Removing the AVG Email Signature

AVG started as an independent company, but ownership changed in 2016 when Avast bought the company. AVG still offers antivirus protection using the same methods as Avast, including the message footer or signature option. Similarly, AVG also has the option of attaching email advertisements to your outlook and email browsers. The great thing is that you can remove this footer.

Since the applications have the same features, you can also use the same process we used on Avast to disable the footer messages. As a result, you can start by removing the footer messages on your Windows 10 devices by following these short and easy steps:

* STEP 1: Find the app shortcut on the desktop or menu. Please select from the menu by right-clicking on it. The app will display AVG’s main interface.

* STEP 2: Click on the MENU tab located at the top right of AVG’s main interface. Several sub-categories will be listed, and then click on the SETTINGS.

* STEP 3: Click on the Basic Protection Category under the setting category, which is the second choice. The system will display a list of other categories. Click on the Email Shield option.

* STEP 4: Under the Email Shield option, you will find several checked options. Click on the ADD A SIGNATURE TO THE END OF SENT EMAILS option to uncheck it. That will stop the app from adding the AVG footers to your email.

Final Thoughts

Many companies nowadays illegally obtain user information and sell it to third parties. As a result, there are strict data protection policies that applications and other systems must follow. However, Avast has been involved in such controversies and scandals. Furthermore, the email features of both AVG and Avast make them unpopular with users.

An alternative and less expensive option is the free Window Defender with your Windows operating system. That should be enough to keep you safe from internet viruses as long as your windows are active and you have a strong password.


Windows Defender protects your computer from virus infection, but AVG and Avast can remove some viruses. You can use a VPN to secure your data when using Avast and AVG, but the company has improved its security and privacy measures since the scandals. With all this information in mind, you can now get rid of the irritating email footers form the two soft wares.