Remove Avast Anti Virus

Avast is a popular antivirus. It can successfully detect viruses and can block harmful programs. It’s easy to use. That’s why more and more computer users are choosing Avast anti virus.

But, a powerful antivirus keeps every corner of your computer under its watch. Hence, it’s not so easy to remove such antiviruses.

Why Should You Remove Avast Carefully?

1) To Install A New Antivirus

You may want to install a new antivirus or a new malware tracker. In that case, the new antivirus may not work properly until you remove all the traces of Avast. So, you should uninstall Avast from your computer methodically.

2) To Block It From Interfering With Other Programs

Some pieces of software or programs don’t like antivirus files. An antivirus may have loads of history or blocking programs. As a result, new software in your computer may not work properly. That’s why removing Avast is really important.

3) To Install Avast Freshly

Usually, Avast antivirus never fails to load. But, sometimes it can crash. Now, you don’t know exactly why your Avast antivirus is crashing. Therefore, uninstall every trace of Avast and install an updated one.

How To Remove Avast Anti Virus From Your Computer Safely?

Method One – How To Remove Avast From Windows 10

Step One

First of all, you have to visit Avast settings. So, open the Avast antivirus on your PC. Then, click on ‘Menu’ and visit ‘settings’. You can find the ‘settings’ under a drop-down menu.

Step Two

Now, go to the ‘General tab’ and uncheck the ‘self-defense’ option. This option will be found under the ‘Troubleshooting’ tab.

The self-defense option allows the antivirus to protect itself from removing or pausing. If you skip this step, then you can’t remove the Avast antivirus.

Step Three

After unchecking the ‘self-defense’ option, Avast will show you a warning message. So, click OK and close the message.

Step Four

Close the antivirus. Then, you have to come back to your desktop. After that, visit the control panel in your computer. Under the control panel, you can find the option called – ‘Programs’ (uninstall a program).

To visit the control panel, you have two ways. Firstly, you can search the ‘control panel’ option directly from your computer. Secondly, you can find the option under the ‘settings’ tab.

Step Five

The ‘Programs and Features’ option will show you the list of all the programs that you have on your computer. So, choose Avast antivirus from this list and start the uninstallation process.

Step Six

The uninstallation process will take some minutes to finish. Thereafter, your computer will ask for a restart. So, restart your computer and your Avast Antivirus will be completely removed from your computer. Many people use this option to remove Avast. But, you can also have other options to uninstall Avast antivirus.

Method Two – How To Remove Avast Officially

Step One

Sometimes you just have to take the right step to uninstall Avast from your computer. So, visit the official site of Avast and download a file named – avastclear.exe.

Step Two

Now, right-click on the file and choose ‘Run As Administrator’.

Step Three

Then, your windows should be started in safe mode. A safe mode is a option that you can find while booting your computer. Usually, F6 or F8 or F11 or Del buttons are used to visit the booting option. Just read your motherboard manual and press the right button.

Step Four

After starting your computer in safe mode, you should run the Avast utility. The utility program may ask you about the location of the source file. You can either choose the location or you should not change the folder. Just read whether the utility is showing the right file destination or not. Then, choose the uninstall option.

Step Five

Now, wait for some minutes and the removal process will end. Then, you should restart the computer to complete the uninstallation process.

Method Three – How To Remove Avast Using Third-Party Software

Step One

Third-party software can help you to remove Avast anti virus from your computer. CCleaner and IObit are extremely popular third-party software. So, you should visit the official website of CCleaner and IObit to download them. You just need one software to remove Avast. So, choose either of them.

Step Two

The next step is to find the uninstall button. CCleaner program has a separate option called – uninstall. So, click on the Uninstall option and you can find the entire list of programs on your computer.

If you are using the IObit uninstaller, then go to ‘All Programs’. After that, find Avast antivirus and select it.

Step Three

Start the Avast uninstallation program in CCleaner. The program may ask you to confirm the action. Confirm it and the uninstallation process will begin.

IObit is also a simple uninstallation software. Just select Avast and click Uninstall. Then, the IObit uninstaller will start the removal process of the antivirus.

Step Four

After the uninstallation process, both the software (IObit and CCleaner) needs a restart of your computer. But, in the case of CCleaner, you may have to run an extra step. The step is – ‘Scan for Issues’. After running the step and you should fix all the issues. As a result, no memory of Avast antivirus will remain on your computer.

IObit may not ask you anything. But, if it asks for complete uninstallation, then you should better click on it. This option will eradicate every trace of Avast antivirus from your computer. Thus, Avast will be deleted permanently from your computer.

Third-party uninstallers follow a specific step to remove an antivirus. But, the official uninstaller of Avast knows it well. Hence, the official version can uninstall Avast successfully.

But, if you face any problem with the official version, then you can opt for the third-party software. Top-rated antivirus uninstallers can find out about all the files associated with Avast. Hence, it can clean every file minutely. So, choose a safe and secure way and remove Avast anti virus from your computer successfully.