How To Export Chrome Bookmarks?

There are so many browsers to explore the internet but Chrome is the most popular browser on the internet, soon after Google released it in December 2008. User can export chrome bookmarks to any browser. You can easily access the google chrome with a google account, and It gives you some advanced features instead of others such as synchronization of contact and data, spelling check, and automatic translation. If you are using chrome and seeking to switch computer, then you should know how to copy bookmarks from chrome because it is so useful for you.

Whenever you surf for internet using google chrome browser, you can easily add bookmarks to your favorite pages by simply clicking on the star icon next to address bar.  When you seek to change the computer or simply format the windows or install any other version,  you would be seeking to export google chrome bookmarks into a new computer.

Export Chrome Bookmarks

Your bookmarks are valuable and you can simply export chrome bookmarks to another browser like Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc. But you have to change the bookmarks into an HTML format, and Then it will be easy to import the bookmarks in another browser. You can do it easily in Windows 10, with the help of below-listed steps:

  1. Open the google chrome in your computer,
  2. Click on three dotted (more icon) at the top right side corner,
  3. You will see a small new window just below the more icon,export bookmarks chrome export bookmarks chrome
  4. You should select Bookmarks option in this small window,
  5. You’ll see a new menu pop-up to the left on the screen,
  6. Click on Bookmark manager,how to copy bookmarks from chrome, how to export bookmarks from chrome, how to export bookmarks from chrome,how to export bookmarks in chrome how to export bookmarks in chrome,how to export chrome bookmarks how to export chrome bookmarks,how to save bookmarks in chrome how to save bookmarks in chrome
  7. After clicking on Bookmark manager you can organize your existing bookmarks,
  8. You’ll see organize menu on the top right corner of the screen,
  9. Therefore you have to select the list of bookmarks you want to transfer,
  10. Then you should click on Organize menu,
  11. A new small window will pop up on the screen,
  12. Then click on ‘Export Bookmarks,’export google chrome bookmarks,: how to backup chrome bookmarks how to backup chrome bookmarks,how to copy bookmarks from chrome how to copy bookmarks from chrome
    (If you want to import an HTML bookmarks file, then click on “Import bookmarks”),
  13. After clicking on Export bookmarks, You’ll see a new window (Save As),export google chrome bookmarks, chrome bookmarks export
  14. Choose the name and location for the bookmarks file,

If you click save, then bookmarks will be automatically saved in the Documents folder.


If you are using the google chrome with a google account (Gmail account), You can easily access it in a new computer. As you know that chrome can access your contacts, data, and other files in your computer so that you can export google chrome bookmarks from one computer to other. Follow the below-listed steps to know how to backup chrome bookmarks:

  1. Download the google chrome from the official website of Google,
  2. Install it on your computer,
  3. Go to the account,
  4. Enter the Gmail address (which is used in your previous computer),
  5. Enter the correct password,
  6. Go to the settings,
  7. Select the bookmarks,
  8. Click on Automatically import.

After clicking on automatically import, you will find all the history and data.



Many users add bookmarks to their story, and they can easily reach their websites. You should back up your bookmarks to keep it safe and free to use. Sync your bookmarks are useful when you re-install the chrome or install the chrome in the new device. You can easily sync your bookmarks in any chrome by using your google account. When you install the google chrome in a new device:

  • Go to the settings,
  • Click on account setting,
  • Sign in with google account,
  • Again go to the setting,
  • And click on Sync,
  • After that, you will find your bookmarks in a new device.


As we discussed in this article that export google chrome bookmarks are useful to access chrome from anywhere and from any device, But, If you think that you can access the google chrome by another email account, then sorry, You are wrong. Because the chrome has developed by Google and you have to log in with a google account to access the google chrome.

bookmarks export from chrome,



Nowadays a lot of people use google chrome, but many of them don’t save the bookmarks while it is such a useful and time saver for you. If you save the bookmarks you can easily reach your favorite sites and use them. To save the bookmarks:

  • Go to the settings,
  • Click on history,
  • Select the sites which you want to save,
  • Right-click and click on Save bookmarks.

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