Steps To Sync Xbox One Controller With Windows PC, MAC, XBOX

Playing games have never been more fun than to play using the controller. Either you have bought a new Xbox one controller to connect with or you have borrowed it from your friend, well in both the cases, you need to sync Xbox one controller with your device.

Since time and technology has changed, thus the gaming consoles too. Now you cannot simply bring any of the controllers of your choice, connect it and simply start playing your favorite games. Now with the new generation of playing consoles like Xbox One, You need to synchronize the gaming controller to your console in order to get flawless playing experience. syncing gaming consoles with wireless controllers is an easy to sync xbox one controller

Still directly connecting the game controller with the console may raise some issues in making an established connection. Usually connecting a controller with Xbox one is easy, but sometimes the problem arises. don’t worry as these problems can be solved easily. In this guide, we have listed all the steps to connect your controller with Xbox One. 

You can also use your Xbox one controller with Windows 10 pc. Sometimes, when you try to pair Xbox one controller with windows 10 pc, errors occur where your computer or gaming console fails to detect the controller. Usually, it happens because of the faulty USB connection, but there may be other reasons too.

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How to Sync Xbox One Controller?

The simple and the way that is adopted by every user by default is connecting the Xbox one controller simply. Follow the steps below to connect Xbox One Controller:

  1. Mark your console’s connected button,
  2. Switch on your Xbox One Controller,
  3. Insert rechargeable or simple type of AA batteries, that you have got along with your Kit. (Remember that you shall always use AA size batteries in Xbox One Controller).
  4. Now press and hold the Xbox ‘X’ Button. This is the Xbox trademark logo as a button.
  5.  syncing xbox one controller

Note: It takes about 20 seconds till your controller properly syncs with your console. The flashing light indicates that the controller is connecting, And the continuous green light says that you are now connected. Please check the batteries or connection if still not connected.

The Power switches/flashlight in Xbox One X and Xbox One S, is located front right, below the power button. Either the duplicate controller’s for Xbox one does not have light in the center. You can only find the central button and sign in the real Xbox one controller.

Xbox One Controller Connectivity:

There are many connectivity options available with Sync Xbox One Controller to its console. Using Original Xbox Controller is advised so you can experience the real gaming fun. following are the connectivity options available with Xbox Controllers:

  1. You can now connect eight devices simultaneously with the console using original Xbox controllers.
  2. User can assign individual profiles to individual controllers, So there are no more worries of using the other player’s controller by to connect xbox one controller
  3. Players can connect the controllers using USB/Micro-USB/USB to Micro USB cables.
  4. You can connect your controller with micro USB cables without the need for batteries. So using the original Xbox controllers can eliminate the use of batteries too. You must have the charging kit so that you can connect your controller to charging also at the same time while you are playing.
  5. It can connect up to eight wireless controllers, in addition to any wired controllers.


How to Connect Xbox One Controller?

Connecting the Xbox controllers to the gaming console is different as compared to the earlier video game players or controllers. When earlier there were specified controllers and connectors for specific consoles, it was simple to connect the controllers. But now with the changing type of connectivity and universal ports, you can now connect any controller to the Xbox or Windows 10 consoles. Now the controller needs to be synced in order to get connected.

We recommend you to use original Xbox controllers, however, you can controllers from many manufacturers with many types of consoles. You can easily connect any controller to Xbox One by simply following the step marked above. You can also use Xpadder for Windows 10 to connect your controller to the computer. Xpadder can be used to connect all types of the controller and select your own configuration.

How to Pair Xbox One Controller?

Pairing Xbox one controller is basically the process of powering up your controller by using batteries or power chord and then connecting to your Xbox gaming console. It is very easy to do process and can be performed in a single hit of step. Sometimes without the proper power input, the controller can make some errors to get connected. Press the central Xbox logo (also a button) and then connect your controller. By this method, you can pair your Xbox one controller.

Which is the connect button in Xbox one controller?

The button for the connectivity in the Xbox One controller is located beneath the Logo of Xbox one. This can be found in the center of the console. In other modes of Xbox controllers, you can find the power button in the cornerback side of the controller. From the Xbox one, only the company introduced the logo as the power button.

How to Connect Controller to Xbox One?

The process of pairing Xbox one controller is simple and you can start with it simply by pressing the central logo/button, and wait until it starts blinking. The light will blink for twenty seconds that will make the connection process. Within twenty seconds the controller will establish a connection with the Xbox One console. Once the secure connection is made, the light on the controller will stop blinking and will remain in ON mode.

You can repeat the same process in every other controller/console to get connected with each other. We have listed the complete details of the steps above in the article.

Connect Xbox One Controller – Troubleshoot

Syncing Xbox One Controller is a simple process. In fact, the process is the same for all the controllers. You can connect another variant of Xbox controllers or the controllers from the third parties easily. There are very fewer chances that your controller does not get connected, but still, if this happens, then you shall also look forward to more solutions. We have listed some more troubleshooting options to Connect Controller with Xbox One.

Creating Profiles for Xbox One-

 After you’ve synced your controls to your console,
– you can turn on the controller. It will re-sync automatically with the last connected device.
– Press the Xbox button on the controller to bring up the main menu,
– navigate to the gear icon to pull up the Settings menu,
– Find Kinect and Devices and navigate there to find your controllers,
– On the Controller menu, you can set which profiles, if any, each controller signs in when you turn it on once you’ve synced it,
– well as security measures to control who can sign into different accounts on your Xbox.

Use Cable to Connect

When maybe you are out of your battery or you are unable to get connected with the console wirelessly, Then you can also connect your controller with the USB cable. In order to connect the Xbox one controller with USB, Connect the controller and Xbox one console with a USB cable from both ends. Connecting with cable also solves the power problems too. USB Cable also provides the power to the controller and now you can easily start playing.


Update Software

Sometimes due to the outdated software also issues comes when you try to connect controllers with the gaming consoles. Out of Date, Software can produce connectivity issues in Xbox Controller. you need to simply update the software so that you can get rid of the connection issues.
– Head to the Settings menu
– Go to the Kinect and Devices menu,
– where you’ll find each of your connected controllers, either with a wireless connection or connected by USB. From this menu,
– select the controller you want to update and click ok from the respective controller.
– you’ll get a menu that allows you to check for firmware updates,
– this will potentially fix any issues you’re dealing with.

Check Interface:

If you are not able to sync Xbox one controller with a console, then you can choose to troubleshoot the errors. Check for the different possible options due to which you are not able to connect your Xbox one controller. For instance, first, check for your batteries, then check for the flashing and pairing light in the console, try alternate power sources to connect to the controller.

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