How to Fix Digital TV Tuner Device Registration Application?

There are so many problems generated when you use the computer, and one of the major issues is that your PC is slowing down. When you install any software on your computer, many files are to be created automatically, and then you scan your computer with antivirus. Antivirus detects many errors, and digital tv tuner device registration application can be one of them.


You should not worry about that because it’s so easy toturn off digital tv tuner device registration application in your computer and we’ll discuss it in this article, but before that, we should know about it.

Digital TV Tuner Device Registration Application

A lot of users don’t have the clue about the Digital TV Tuner Device Registration Application error while if you scan your system, it will show you a list of errors and this application is one of them. We can say that this application is a scheduled task and is a part of Windows Media Center which is installed in C drive and you can quickly know how to stop digital tv tuner device registration application.

You can use this application to watch digital TV directly on your computer instead of your local cable. If you want to know whether your device has a digital TV Tuner Device, look at the device label. If Integrated Digital Tuner, Digital Tuner or Digital Receiver is written on it, then your system has TV Tuner in it. It can sometimes stop network access to windows registry files and cause load error.

What Causes the Error?

A software which is pre-installed in your computer or laptop and creates a process known as ehprivjob.exe on your system. This process can be a cause of Digital TV Tuner Error on your computer system.

When you install new software in your computer, this program creates a lot of invalid error files, entries, and other dysfunctional properties. These invalid files can affect the overall performance of your computer. The ehprivjob.exe is a program with machine codes and will be executed as soon as you run the Windows Media Center on your system.

How To Fix Digital TV Tuner Device Application?

1. End the Process By Using the Resource Manager

Step 1: Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to open the Windows Task Manager on your computer,

Step 2: Click on the Performance tab,

Step 3: It’ll show you a window, Open the Resource Monitor in the window,

digital tv tuner CPU usage


Step 4: Find the  ehprivjob.exe process,

Step 5: And end this process,

Step 6: You should click on End Process option to stop this process,

Step 7: Click OK,

turn off digital tv tuner device


Step 8: Then exit the Windows Task Manager,

Step 9: Now, It’ll be asked for Restart and you should do it to check the new settings.

2. Turn Off Windows Features

Step 1: Open the Control Panel on your system by using the Start button or keyboard shortcut,

control panel


Step 2: You’ll see many options in Control panel, Select Programs and features option,

programs and features


Step 3: A new window will be open, Click on the Turn Windows Feature On or Off option.

Step 4: Now, You should select Media Features,

uninstall program


Step 5: Click on expand icon to expand the list,

Step 6: You should find Windows Media Center option,

Step 7: Uncheck the Windows Media Center option,

Turn off Windows features


Step 8: Click on OK button,

Step 9: It will be asked for restart and we suggest that you should restart it to see the new settings on your computer.

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3. Uninstall the TV Tuner from Your Computer

Uninstall any application is the complete solution on any error about that application. You should uninstall the digital tv tuner device registration application to fix this problem.

Step 1: Open the Control Panel in your system,

RUN tool


Step 2: You’ll see many options on your screen, Select Programs and Features option,

Step 3: Open the Installed Programs,

Step 4: You’ll see all the installed programs on your computer,

Step 5: Select the Digital TV Tuner,

Step 6: Uninstall the program and follow the steps as directed,

Step 7: After the process of uninstallation, It will be asked for restart, then Click OK.

4. Disable the Scheduled Task

ehdrminit is a task that is one of the major causes of digital tv tuner device registration application issue. You can disable the Scheduled task, Follow the steps:

Step 1: Click the Start button on your computer,

Step 2: Select Task Scheduler option,

Step 3: You’ll see a new window,

Step 4: Click Library on a new window,

Step 5: Open the Microsoft folder,

Step 6: Select the ehdrminit task and click on Disable,

Step 7: Then Restart your computer.

5. Delete the DRM Folder

Step 1. Open My Computer,

Step 2: Then open C drive,

Step 3: Select the programs,

Step 4: Then click on the Data folder,

Step 5: Now, You should open the Microsoft folder,

Step 6: Select the Windows option,

Step 7: Select the DRM folder and right-click on it,

Step 8: Click on Delete,

Step 9: Restart your computer to check the new settings.


Why You Should Turn it Off?

The digital tuner is a non-system process which is also known as ehprivijob.exe process. It’s a result of installed software on your computer. When you run an installed software on your computer, it stores some data and files. This process creates invalid entries and these entries slow the performance of your computer.

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It’s an auto start process; When you run Windows Media Center on your computer, then Digital TV tuner device application also runs automatically. When you run multiple operations, then this application can become a serious threat. So, to keep safe your computer from this type of threats, You should stop digital TV tuner device registration application. We have provided five methods to fix this problem.

Is it Safe?

As we discussed in the above paragraph, it’s an auto-start process. Digital TV tuner device registration application is safe if you are using a good antivirus like avast, quick heal, etc.

But, If you don’t use any antivirus, then this application can be very harmful to your computer, and it can slow the speed of your computer. According to many discussion on internet digital TV can slow your system by 72%.

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