How To Disable Network Access To Windows Registry?

As we know that when we install any software in a computer, Many files are automatically saved in a folder in C drive. We can share these files and data with another computer for safety and many other reasons, But sometimes we can face an attack on our shared data by hackers. So, Some people want to disable network access to windows registry.

disable network access to registry

Windows Registry

In the Microsoft Windows operating system, We can collect the database of configuration setting in a registry that is called “Windows Registry“. It is used to store the data, information, user preferences, and much more.

When you install a new program in your computer, then some files and data are automatically added to the registry in a specific location. You can edit it like location, name, etc. and can also disable, It’s so easy to disable network access to windows registry. Windows registry is not available of every version of Windows, and Some windows have XML files instead of the registry.

When you share a PC with others so you want to lock the specified files and folders and it’s so helpful for you, but you should always leave a running account in your computer to reach the Windows registry otherwise you will be unable to access the registry.

Using Windows Registry

Windows registry is used for the same purpose by the different way in a different version of Windows. You can easily use the Windows registry by following the below-listed steps:

  1. Open the Windows registry,
  2. Click Start menu,
  3. Type regedit either in the Run box or in the search box and press Enter, This is for Windows 7. For Windows 8 type regedit in the start screen and select the regedit option the search results. In Windows 10, you should type regedit in the search box on the taskbar and press Enter,Windows registry network disable list
  4. Now click Yes to open the Registry Editor,
  5. The Windows Registry Editor window will be open.

As we know that a big part of internet user working with the Windows, but some of them don’t know about Windows registry and they don’t use it. Windows registry is really very helpful to keep safe your data and files. You can also disable network registry access windows 7 when you want.

Disable Network Access To Windows Registry

Windows Registry keeps safe your documents, data, and files. But some users want to disable the Windows registry from their computer and they try it, Some of them don’t know how to disable network access to registry in windows. So, We’ll discuss the method of disabling the Windows registry.

For Home Version Of Windows

If you are using the Home version of Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10, Then you should edit the Windows Registry to make the changes. You have to use Registry Editor to edit the windows registry in your computer or laptop.

Registry Editor is a very powerful and easy to use the tool, But if you are misusing it, It can create many types of problems like Windows corruption, system unstable, and system inoperable. So, if you’ve never used it, You should read about Windows registry’s instruction before using it.

You have to log in before editing in registry,( you can do this by using Akamai netsession client) So If the user account is a standard account then you’ll be able to make the changes you need to make otherwise You’ll need to sign in as the user you want to make changes for, and then edit the Registry while logged in to their account. Follow the below-listed steps to disable network access to the registry:

  1. Sign in as a user account,
  2. Open the registry Editor,
  3. Type ‘regedit’
  4. And press Enter,regedit
  5. You should use the left sidebar to navigate the following key, (HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\System)system settings
  6. Right click on System,
  7. Choose the ‘DisableRegistryTools,’Ms Windows Registry editror
  8. And double click on it,
  9. Open the properties,
  10. You’ll see a ‘Value data’ box,value chart to disable network registry
  11. In ‘Value data’ box change the value from 0 to 1,
  12. then click OKregistry editor error

For Pro And Enterprise Version Of Windows

Windows Pro or Enterprise is the smarter version than Windows Home, So most of the users prefer the Windows Pro or Enterprise instead of Windows Home. If you are working with Windows Pro or Enterprise, you can easily disable network access to registry by using the Local Group Policy Editor.

What is Modern Host Setup?

Local Group Policy Editor is a handy and powerful tool for these version of Windows, and This tool is harder than others, So you have to learn what it can do and how can you use it. So you should read the below-listed steps to know how to disable network access to windows registry by using the Local Group Policy Editor:

  1. Find the MSC file you created,
  2. Open it,
  3. Click Allow making changes,
  4. Go to the User Configuration > Administrative Templates > System,
  5. Find the ‘Prevent access to registry editing tools,’Windows registry console root
  6. Double click on it,
  7. Open Properties,
  8. Click the Enabled option,prevent access to windows registry
  9. Now you can make any changes to the registry,
  10. Then click OK.


We suggest you to simply do not disable Network access to the registry editor. Still, if you feel so then above is the complete solution for the following. You can also try some different methods to get rid of high CPU usage like Windows Modules Installer Worker. Please comment in the box below if you still face any problem or seek to give us a suggestion.

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