Fix: Headphone Jack Not Working On Laptop/Computer/CellPhones

A lot of people also use the laptop to play the game, music, and video. You have the green audio port on the back or another side of your computer. Mainly, You prefer headphone instead of the laptop’s speaker. Sometimes you see that headphone jack not working and you try to fix this problem.

Headphone Jack Not Working

It is a prevalent problem that sound cannot be heard through the headphones, The internet has so many searches about it on a day. There are so many reasons which can affect the headphone jack of the laptop or computer.

Why Headphone Jack Not Working On My Computer?

There are many reasons that create problems in the headphone jack of your computer. This problem can be the reason for either hardware failure or problem in any software or driver of your computer. The problem created by software or driver can be because of update problems typically in  Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10.

Reasons For Headphone Jack Not Working in Windows Laptop are:

  • Moisture in the headphone jack
  • Volume is not audible
  • The audio driver is not updated
  • The headphone is not properly plugged in
  • Dust in jack
  • Default setting
  • IDT Audio device can create the problem
  • The audio format does not work properly

Sometimes the jack works correctly, But you don’t check it. So you should check headphone on another laptop or computer, Or plugging in again. Restarting the computer can also solve your problem since working on windows for a long time forces windows 10 to lunch Windows Modules Installer that causes telemetry high CPU Usage resulting in the audio driver to crash.

Solution: Headphones Not Working

Among the internet users, headphone jack’s problem is a very common query, However, it irritates when you play video, music, and games without the experience of sound makes you feel disabled. Sometimes restarting your computer can solve your problem, Because the driver does not work correctly. Still, if you are facing the problem and there is no sound coming out of your headphone jack, then here are the solutions:

1. Clean The Jack 

Dust and dirt make the headphone non-working issue, and A lint headphone can make the jack dirty. But you can clean the stud by a cotton swab, Enter the cotton swab and swirl around the jack. But you should use it gently without any damage in jack.

2. Check The Volume Is Audible or Not

Sometimes you can’t hear the sound; It doesn’t mean that audio jack is not working. The volume is muted or set to low can be the reason of this problem.

Click on the Right bottom corner on the screen, Unmute the volume or set it to high:Volume Controller

3. Uninstall The Audio Driver

Audio driver can be a cause of computer headphone jack not working; You should uninstall it once. With the help of following steps, You can easily uninstall the audio driver.

Step 1: Open Device Manager,

Step 2: Double click on Sound, Video and Game controllers,device manager for Headphone Jack

Step 3: You will see a list of drivers under the Sound, Video and Game controllers,

Step 4: Right-click the name of  the audio device,

Step 5: Select Uninstall,

Step 6: Now, You should follow the on-screen instructions,

In the end, all you have to do is restart your computer and plug in the jack again because it is the most legit solution and will definitely solve the problem.

4. Reinstall The Audio Driver

Reinstall the audio driver using the following steps:

Step 1: Open Recovery Manager,

Step 2: You will see I need help immediately on the left of the screen,

Step 3: Click Hardware driver reinstallation under  I need help immediately,

Step 4: Click Next,

Step 5: Select the audio driver you want to reinstall from the list of factory installed drivers.

5. Is It A Headphone Problem Or Not?

You should check your headphone to know why headphone jack not working on the laptop? Try a different pair of headphone on your computer and see it’s working correctly or not because a damaged headphone can also be the reason for this problem. If it is working correctly then your previous headphone is to blame, and it is not working, Then it’s not a headphone issue.

6. Set Headphones As Default

You should set the headphones as the default playback device then The Windows can automatically detect it. But sometimes you have to do it manually to make sure it’s working correctly. Follow the steps to set the headphones as default:

Step 1: Right-click on Sound icon,

Step 2: Click on Sound,

Step 3: Click the Playback tab,Headphones playback settings

Step 4: For checking the headphone, Unplug and re-plug your headphone into the jack.

Step 5: Check it, If the sound is not coming through headphones then default setting is not an issue.

7. Audio Format

An Audio format plays a vital role in playing a video; If the audio format does not match with the default settings, then the audio jack doesn’t work precisely. So you should change the audio format to check the headphone jack on your laptop. To change the Audio format:

Step 1: Right-click on sound icon,

Step 2: Click Sound on the pop-up,

Step 3: You should click on Playback,

Step 4: Right-click on headphones and open the Properties,Sound driver page for Headphone Jack Not Working

Step 5: Click on Advanced,

Step 6: You will see a list of Audio format,headphone properties

Step 7: Select the format one by one and check the sound.

Step 8: Click Apply, Then click Ok to close it.

8. IDT Audio Device

If you have installed IDT audio device in your computer, You should uninstall it. This solution of audio jack not working only works when you have installed the IDT audio device. To Uninstall the IDT audio device:

Step 1: Press both the Windows logo key and R at the same time on your  keyboard,

Step 2: Copy appwiz.cpl,

Step 3: And paste it into the box,RUN Tool for audio support

Step 4: Then click OK,

Step 5: You should right-click on IDT,

Step 6: Then click on Uninstall,

Step 7: Check the headphone is working or not.

9. Internal Cables

A hardware problem such as internal cables not appropriately connected can be the reason for audio jack not working. You can check the internal wires with the following steps:

Step 1: You should Turn off the computer and unplug the power cable,

Step 2: Open the side panel of your laptop,

Step 3:  See the wire is properly connected with the motherboard or not.

Step 4: If not, You should connect it very gently.

Note:  It’s better to check your laptop in service center instead of the above method.

10. Dry The Headphone Jack

Mostly, In the rainy season your computer headphone not working. This problem can be caused by moisturization. You should keep dry the headphone jack on a laptop with cotton or a drier.

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