Ten Best Modem Router Combo For High Speed Internet & Connectivity

Most of the users are still using the fiber as broadband to increase the speed of the internet that is old technology. Most of us pay enough money each month for high-speed broadband packages while it’s a modern world and time to upgrade into the best modem router combo.

best modem router combo

Here is a better option for users to save the money for the connection that modem router combo. If you use an only modem or only router separately then you can work with limited features while you can use the function of modem or router together by using a combo of modem and router, Therefore, here we’ll suggest you for best modem router combo for Comcast.

Modem vs Routers

Some of us say that modem and routers are the same but it’s wrong. Actually, Modem and routers look similar but they are designed for a different purpose. Both are very useful in this modern world because users want to save their time as well as money.

Difference between Modem and Routers

Mostly, people think that the router is allowing multiple computers and devices to join one network. Actually, It was earlier, Now Routers provide wireless connectivity also. The wireless router has one or two antennas that are movable.

The modem gets information from your ISP or internet service provider such as Comcast or Time Warner. The router has no need to internet compulsory when access to a local network (LAN), while modem for internet connection. If you want to connect the internet, You need a modem and after that, you need a router to dispatch the internet information to your devices.

A best router modem combo provides you high-speed internet.

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Finally, It’s clear that router and modem work for a different purpose and you need both to connect your computer or laptop. But, Now it’s time to get the best modem router combo for spectrum to save time and money.

How Do Modem and Router work?

Modem and router are two of the common computer peripherals and the good thing is that the function of these devices is easy to understand.

A router is a small box and allows multiple systems to join the same network. It provides access to a local network without an internet connection. The wireless routers can connect the multiple computers and other devices, such as tablets and smartphone to join the same network.

What is Modern Setup Host?

While the modem connects to your ISP, which typically provides either cable or DSL Internet service but the internet connection is compulsory to use of a modem. You can also connect a TV or cable box by using a modem.

What is a Modem Router Combo?

It is the combination of modem and router, By which you can use both router and modem at the same time. You’ll save your time and money by using the best dsl modem router combo. Most of the users like the combo of these devices and they are using it happily.

But, the weak point of this combined device is lack of flexibility because if you want to use only the router or only modem then you have to use both. In Corporate, people like to use combo while on the personal computer they want to use router and modem separate.

The Best Modem Router Combo

There is so many modem router combo available in your local market or in the online market but you would like to choose best for your computer or laptop. Therefore, in this article we’ll discuss some popular and best router modem combo:

1. TRENDnet N300 Wireless TEW-722BRM Modem Router

TRENDnet’s TEW-722BRM modem/router combo is easy to use and suitable for standard connectivity. This combo an excellent job on an ADSL2+gateway and work for high to low tier CenturyLink connections.

It can support up to a customary sized home. This combo is best DSL modem router combo for gaming players because of MIMO antenna. A MIMO antenna heightens the wireless range of this combo, and like any other devices on this list. A guest and parental network can control it.TRENDnet N300 Wireless TEW-722BRM Modem Router is the best router modem combo with MIMO technology.

MIMO is a radio antenna technology because, in this technology, more than one antennas are used to receive various signal paths for carrying a large amount of data. You can also choose a separate way of each antenna as you want. This technology can increase channel capacity because of multiple antennas. You can fix each antenna with a particular channel and also can change the channel.

It is a totally trouble free technology, and you can quickly get a MIMO wireless router from the local market or online market.


  • Trouble free and affordable.
  • Gives a solid range.
  • MIMO technology.
  • Low Power consumption.


  • You have to keep a DSL filter.
  • It has non-gigabit ethernet ports.
  • Not attuned with VDSL

2. ARRIS SURFboard AC DOCSIS 3.0 AC1600

ARRIS SYRFboard designed Wi-Fi router for high-quality video streaming and gaming. It gives download speeds up to 686 Mbps, and Wi-Fi speeds up to 1600 Mbps even with multiple users at once.

This is the best Wi-Fi router when the internet speed is irritating you, and you need the right speed. ARRIS SURFboard AC DOCSIS 3.0 AC1600 offer blazing fast speeds and can deliver data without any problems. You should have the necessary hardware to increase the speed and streaming video without any interruption.

ARRIS SURFboard AC DOCSIS 3.0 AC1600 is best modem router combo for comcast if you want high internet speed.


It provides you three in one facility such as a DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Modem, Dual-Band Concurrent 802.11ac Wi-Fi Access Point and 2-Port Gigabit Ethernet Router. It is easy to use and readily available in the market. If you are looking for best cable modem router combo for high-speed internet without any problems, then it is best for you.


  • Smooth and easy installation with given instruction.
  • Three products in One: a DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Modem, Dual-Band Concurrent 802.11ac Wi-Fi Access Point and 2-Port Gigabit Ethernet Router. With download speeds up to 343 Mbps.
  • The latest technology of security.
  • High internet speed rather than others.


  • Need a lot of devices.
  • Connection issues especially with 2.4Ghz endpoints.
  • Quality of service is not applicable for this combo.

3. NETGEAR N600 ASDL2+ Modem Router DGND3700

This router has four ethernet ports and packed with a DSL filter that helps you to connect a smartphone or tablet. As we know that DSL standard’s maxed transfer speed is 24 Mbps that is not enough, Therefor, this device built for compatibility with the earlier ADSL2+ standard.

It is best to use the higher performance of AC-band wireless while DGND3700 can’t use that. You can purchase it from Amazon at a low price.it is best modem router combo for spectrum.

It is a best modem router combo because Netgear gives a free Genie app, You can easily install the combo by using this application. Press the WPS button for easily connect new gadgets to your network and set up your device with CenturyLink. This application of Netgear comfortably installs on Android 4.2 or higher version of Android. You can also access the wireless settings, MyMedia, Traffic metering, Network Map, and many other settings by using this app.

Disable Avast Behavior Shield

You’ll be able to manage your home settings by your smartphone or tablet at your office or some other places. For example, you can play music or video file in a home network from your smartphone or tablet. It provides a QR code to make a connection between your home wireless network and your smartphone or tablet


  • Easy installation without any problem because of Netgear Genie app.
  • Can access by smartphone or tablet.
  • Included DSL line filter.
  • Gives a good range for a wireless network.


  • You can’t easily get it.
  • Non-compatible with VDSL.
  • Low streaming speed.
  • Operates only in the router mode.

4. Zoom Telephonics ADSL Modem Router 5790

Router 5790 provides a good wireless range but its speed is obstructed by the curbs of this earlier DSL technology. It is compatible with CenturyLink while not compatible with faster VDSL connections.

Actually, Zoom Telephonics is an alternative trustworthy networking company because it offers low budget equipment. Zoom designed router 5790 under $40 to CenturyLink buyers.it is a best DSL modem combo.

Zoom Telephonics is an alternative trustworthy networking company that offers networking equipment on a low-priced budget. Their 5790 modem/router is presented to CenturyLink buyers on an ADSL network for under $40.

It is a better choice for everyone because the other benefits of this router are that you’ll get four non-gigabit Ethernet ports, standard firewall technology, and an incorporated DSL line filter.


  • Reasonable price.
  • Gives a good range of a wireless network.
  • Incorporated DSL line filter.


  • This router doesn’t support VDSL.
  • Non-gigabit Ethernet ports.
  • Low speed rather than others.

5. TP-LINK Archer C5 AC1200 Gigabit Router

If you want a router modem combo for home networks with heavy tasks from multiple connections then TP-LINK AC1200 is best router modem combo for you. It provides superior speed and good range for a wireless network.

It gives 300Mbps downloads over the 2.4Ghz band and 867Mbps on the 5Ghz band. This combo is a better opportunity for a game lover because it has 2z USB 2.0 ports and provides the speed that is suitable for high-quality video and online gaming.best combo for home networks.

It provides better coverage because TP-LINK designed it with dual antennas. This device is also good for simple work on the internet such as emails and surfing the web. Finally, We can say that it is a better device for a large home network because it can also provide good speed for multiple users or for a small compact network.

The TP-LINK Archer C5 is fairly easy to set up and the good thing is that you have 24/7 live support available from the company to maintain and repair any equipment.


  • You can easily set-up Wi-Fi devices by using the WPS button.
  • Easy to set-up for home networks.
  • Parental control.
  • Affordable.


  • Not better for large homes.
  • It can support only a few printers.
  • Hard to configure.

6. NETGEAR Nighthawk AC1900 Modem Router D7000-100NAS

The Netgear designed Nighthawk AC1900 Modem Router D7000-100NAS for high speed and angular flagship. The device has been liked by a lot of users on the fastest CenturyLink networks while it is not on the CenturyLink approved. Therefore, If you want high speed for your home networks, then it is the best modem router combo for you.

This device delivers very best wireless coverage because Netgear designed it by Beamforming technology. This router carries VDSL2 while staying backward harmonious with ADSL2/2+ service. You can connect a NAS device because the Nighthawk D7000 has a USB 3.0 port. It can be accessed by remote.If you want high speed for your home networks, then it is the best modem router combo with Beamforming technology.

Beamforming technology uses the transmitters and receivers that are used by MIMO technology. But the design of the antenna is different for both techniques. This technology works with the help of multiple antennas. The data is sent and received by it as same as MIMO technology. You can connect the different channel with a separate antenna. Another one can easily replace each channel.

As we discussed that the Beamforming technology and MIMO technology work similarly, But Beamforming technology has an advanced algorithm. In MIMO technology, the data that we receive and send they exists some distortions in the phase while in Beamforming technology, you can receive and send the data without any problem.

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  • Provides a very good range.
  • Cloud service.
  • VDSL2 harmonious and ADSL2/2+ backward harmonious.


  • Need other equipment.
  • DSL filter necessary.
  • Bonded VDSL is not compatible.

7.  Motorola AC1900 

There are many router modem combo available in the market but some of them require often to restart when you connect the Wi-Fi. Motorola AC1900 is the most liked and trustworthy by a lot of users. You can also connect your smartphone or tablet.

Motorola AC1900 is less expensive rather than others and also make your internet speed superior. It gives speed up to 686 Mbps and it has 4 Ethernet ports. Every major internet provider works with this device such as Comcast XFINITY, Charter Spectrum, etc. So it is the best modem router combo for spectrum because of its features.It is the best  combo for spectrum because of its features.

It is a good choice if you want to increase internet speed and this device is easily available in the market. So, you should replace it by standard modem/router combo which you have.


  • Affordable.
  • No need to restart when you connect.
  • Best for charter spectrum.


  • Not compatible with CyberLink.
  • Don’t have dual antennas.

8. Motorola MD1600

Every modem router combo which is designed by Motorola has different features. Motorola MD1600 is best for you if you not consider your home network. It is a more liked combo because of this modem only compatible with DSL networks, So you should make sure that you are getting internet from CenturyLink.it is the best modem router combo for game lover.

It will give speed up to 100 Mbps at the modem level. This combo also gives the WPA/WPA2 protocol, this feature of Motorola MD 1600 make it more popular.

It has two bands of 2.4 GHz connection, plus four built-in ethernet jacks that will all dish out the high-speed Internet to most devices.


  • Compatible with DSL.
  • WPA/WPA2 protocol.


  • Can’t access your home network.
  • Not good for video streaming and gaming.

9. NETGEAR N600 (C6250) AC1600 Combo

After the releasing of Beamforming technology and MIMO technology, Netgear released a combo of both technologies. If you have a large home network it is the best router modem combo for you. It can better to work with the inclusion of an 800Ghz dual-core processor and 256MB of RAM.This combo is best for streaming high quality video.

This is a highly compatible device with existing ISP’s and works 16x faster than cable speed. AC1600 is very easy to set-up and you can also connect your smartphone or tablets. You can purchase it easily because it’s a low budget device and also available in the market.

You can make parental control on it by using Netgear’s Genie app and can easily manage configuration settings from your tablet or smartphone.


  • Extend the wireless range.
  • Strongest connections.
  • Easy to set-up.
  • Low budget device.
  • Better for multiple users.


  • Some features are old.
  • Internet speed.

10. Netgear N300

When you go to the market for a best modem router combo, you want to get a combo with low budget and high-speed internet performance. Therefore, Netgear N300 is best for you because it is the best product at a reasonable price with advanced features.This combo is with multiple antennas.

The device delivers eight downstream channels with download speeds of up to 340 Mbps and solid DOCSIS 3.0 connectivity. It is compatible with DSL and increases the performance of the internet on your computer or laptop. It has Gigabit Ethernet ports and has a single USB port to transfer the data from your device’s hard drive.


  • Advanced features with low-budget.
  • Compatible with DSL.
  • High internet speed.


  • A single USB port.
  • Not for large home networks.

11. Motorola MG7540 (AC1600)

Motorola MG7540 is the best Wi-Fi router is the most important wireless Wi-Fi router among all the routers. The good thing is that it is compatible with almost all kind of cable broadband that you have.

This device is very easy to set-up and maintain, You can also configure your desired settings. You should not ignore this device if you want to get high performance of your internet. It is an ISP certified device that is compatible with mostly all kind of cable.

It has a very large coverage area, It can cover about 1300 sq ft area and gives high internet speed even multiple users are connected. You can easily set-up this device by using the given instruction.


  • Very large coverage area.
  • Compatible with all kind of cable broadband.
  • 24/7 technical support.
  • Higher internet speed.


  • You can’t control if you don’t have technical knowledge.
  • Connections depend on your set-up.


There are so many combos available in the market with different features. But, When you want to purchase a modem router combo, You’ll see for best modem router combo according to your need. So, in this article, we discussed more than ten combos and everyone has different from its features. Therefore, you can purchase any modem router combo for your desire. If you have any problem to choose from these, you can comment in the comment box, our team will suggest you for your best.

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