List Of Top Free Public DNS Servers In 2019

Domain Name System or DNS is the system of connecting the domain names with Internet Protocol (IP) address so that the users can point traffic coming to a domain to server based on the IP fetching. In other words, DNS Server is a system that connects a domain name to its specified IP address.

Since domain names are the readable names visible in your address bar, thus it is connected to a specified ip address where the user will actually be directed. When you connect to the internet and type any domain name (Ex:, then your browser uses the DNS and connects the entered name to its respective address.

best public dns servers

What is DNS Server?

For more understanding, let us take the example of when you type in your address bar, your browser uses the DNS of Google and redirects you to the IP address of google (i.e. After getting connected to the Google IP address, your browser will be able to deliver you with content and services offered by Google. It is an easy to process to change DNS in Windows 10.

DNS is the basic system to run the internet as it connects every domain name to its server. There is no possibility of internet existence if there is no DNS system available. Without DNS system it is like running the internet with IP addresses. Like to connect with Google, now you have to directly use its IP address to visit the search engine.

Every Internet service provider has its own unique server. Either you are connecting your internet by mobile or by the router, in both the cases you are first connected to the server of your service provider and then you are able to browse the internet. So in every device or computer, the DNS server is connected by default to your internet service provider. You can also manually setup the internet servers.

Sometimes these it show some connectivity problem,  you will be unable to access the internet completely. In such cases, you can switch to public servers or public DNS servers.

List of Best Public DNS Servers

Below is the list of best public DNS servers. These servers can be changed in MAC, Windows and Android Operating Systems.

Google DNS
Norton DNS
Comodo DNS 198.162.123 198.163.123
Level3 DNS
Advantage DNS
OpenNic DNS
Watch DNS

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Google DNS servers are said to be the fastest servers that are available for use and completely free. However, there are many other competitive too in the market, but google servers are the most used DNS Servers in the world. It is easy to simply switch to Google DNS and get better security and browsing experience throughout the web.

Main DNS Server:

Alternate DNS Server:


Talking for the other available alternatives, then OpenDNS is a cloud-based DNS service provider. Like all other cloud-based servers, OpenDNS DNS servers are also secure and fast.

Main DNS Server:

Alternate DNS Servers:

You can also access OpenDNS family shield servers or OpenDNS home plan. Opting for these plans will simply eliminate the problems of content blocking, as you can simply choose to block adult content and other content that you seek not to see. You also get the free phishing filters and spam protection.

For Family or Home Plans:

Main DNS Server:

Alternate DNS Server:

Norton Connect Safe

Norton DNS servers are paid but they are one of the best public servers in terms of security. When talking of security, then we all are friendly that Norton is one of the oldest protection company to offer antiviruses. Norton also provides DNS servers with many embedded features into it like Content Filtering, phishing filters, spam protection, spyware protection and much more. Norton Servers are available in 3 types of security.

Policy 1, Security

Main DNS Server:

Alternate DNS Server:

Policy 2, Security + Pornography

Main DNS Server:

Alternate DNS Server:

Policy 3, Security + Pornography + Other

Main DNS Server:

Alternate DNS Server:

Comodo Secure

Comodo offers a wide range of anti-spam and anti-virus software. It is also considered best and reasonable in the category of spyware. Comodo has its own network of DNS servers, which is supported by many different global servers around the globe. It is one of the ISP service providers, so you can safely switch to the new servers. Comodo services can be used as the same DNS in both primary and secondary ports.

Main DNS Server: 198.162.123

Alternate DNS Server: 198.163.123


Level3 is a communication-based company which also offers Public DNS Servers to use an ISP. It is a free DNS service that can be used by simply changing your IP configuration to Level3 DNS.

Main DNS Server:

Alternate DNS Server:

DNS Advantage

Not so famous, but still DNS advantage is one of the free public DNS providers that offer a secure and healthy atmosphere for internet browsing. You can change your computer DNS servers to DNS advantage and start browsing safe and sound internet.

Main DNS Server:

Alternate DNS Server:


Like many other DNS servers above, OpenNIC is a good alternative to replace your default DNS servers. It has the features of for safe browsing along with the content filtering option. All you have to do is sign up with them and then simply select the free plan and change your IP address from your computer.

Main DNS Server:

Alternate DNS Server:


Another free DNS Server that is safe to use and is used by most of the American community. It helps you from any kind of phishing attack and spam. You can simply set up the Dyn DNS network by changing your server IP and enjoy the experience of safe and secure browsing.

Main DNS Server:

Alternate DNS Server:


SafeDNS is another DNS service that based on the cloud. It will help you protect your computer as well as provide better web browsing experiences. This cloud-based servers are free to use and provides boosted internet speed.

Main DNS Server:

Alternate DNS Server:


The DNS.Watch is the last free public DNS service. It provides uncensored, fast and reliable web browsing experience for free.

Main DNS Server:

Alternate DNS Server:

alternative dns servers

Public DNS Servers Benefit

In every computer, whenever you try to connect to any internet server, then your internet service provider IP will be selected by default. However, when you switch to the Public DNS Servers, then you get many more benefits than using the default servers. Below are some of the advantages of public DNS Servers:

  • Some defaul servers aren’t fast enough and sometimes they are timed out. By that, your Internet connection isn’t stable. Public DNS servers do not give flicks in working.
  • Switch to these fastest DNS will help to improve the speed of your Internet.
  • Using these public servers will help to improve the stability.
  • Some third-party servers have protection and filter features.
  • These features will help you to protect your computer from phishing attacks.
  • It will help you to pass thru geography-based content restrictions and web inspections.

Alternative DNS Servers

CenturyLink (Level3) /


Comodo Secure DNS /

GreenTeamDNS /

SafeDNS /

OpenNIC /

SmartViper /

Dyn /

FreeDNS /

Yandex.DNS /

UncensoredDNS /

Hurricane Electric


Neustar /

Fourth Estate

Tenta /


What Is A DNS Server?

As we have stated above, DNS is the domain name server system which is used to make a secure link between the domain and the server’s IP address. Either you want to connect to the internet or want to see any website on it, in both the cases domain and IP connection made by DNS is used.

Should I change my DNS Server?

It is suggested that changing the DNS server can be beneficial to internet browsing. Changing the servers can make your connection more secure, allow you to filter content, became safe from phishing attacks, etc. Changing your primary and secondary DNS server will help you to boost up your internet connection. Sometimes it leads the computer to stuck due to improper connection due to which your windows 10 start menu not working problem appears.

Which is the fastest DNS Server?

We cannot specify which server is the fastest or most secure. However, still, we can say that from many different public DNS, the one which we have listed out here are the best DNS available for free or paid plans. The speed depends on different factors for any server. Like in Norton server you get a heave and fenced content filtration, so it can be a bit slow as compared to google servers.

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Usually, all the internet service provider companies have their own unique ISP, but their speed can vary widely when compared to the dedicated server-based programs. You can choose between the wide range of Open DNS Servers.

What is Public DNS Server?

Public DNS Servers are provided by different companies like Google, OpenDNS, Norton, etc, and you internet provider have no connection between you and your DS Server. However, by default the also use servers from different Server Providers. Talking of the speed for the servers, then it depends on many different factors.

factors like the location of the server, Filtering abled on different servers, different attributes also decides what is the deliverable speed you can get from a server. Thus you have to basically conduct the tests or simply you can switch to new servers and use hit and try the method.

Switching to other Public servers can be a useful way to increase the speed of your internet browsing. You can now play online games or stream videos, anything you seek to do will be done with high speed and reliability.

Should I use different DNS Servers?

The reason you may want to change the DNS servers assigned by your ISP is that you have started facing the problem in your daily internet connectivity. There are many flaws and slow internet speed problem have started arising, or you are simply unable to connect to the internet. Another reason to change DNS servers is if you’re looking for better performing service. Many people complain that their ISP-maintained DNS servers are sluggish and contribute to a slower overall browsing experience.

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