Fix: Skype Microphone Not Working – Solved Technical Errors

Since last one decade, video chat is a better opportunity for communication among the people, Now, there are so many application available for Windows, Android, and iOS to do voice or video chat, But Skype is the most popular application for video and voice chat. When we use the computer or smartphone, we face many problems, Sometimes by hardware and sometimes by software. One of them is a microphone not working on Skype on your computer or phone.

mic not working on skype


Skype is a free application for any version of Windows, Skype released in August 2003, and it’s also available for Android and iOS. It provides the service of instant messaging, and it also allows users to communicate over the Internet by voice, using a microphone, by video using a webcam.


Skype has lots of features which make more usable and famous, and the good thing is that Skype is a free application for all the operating system. First, we discuss the significant features of Skype:


Skype allows you to chat privately or with the group, and it gives you many emoticons to express yourself when your mic not working on Skype. You can directly message on the phone number with a low charge by Skype.


You can make a free call from Skype to Skype around the world, and you can also call on a number with the lowest charge where the internet not available.


It is so easy to do video chat with Skype, and you can also share the screen more than two in your contacts. By using a webcam or smartphone, you can make a free video call.


You can make and receive low-cost international calls on your phone or landline with Skype to go. This feature of Skype makes it incredible in many areas where internet facility is not available.

And the features of Skype are:

  • Subscription calling plans,
  • Chat history,
  • Caller ID for outgoing calls,
  • Toll-free numbers,
  • Quoting,
  • Emergency numbers,
  • Wireless hotspot network access,
  • Skype prime.


Microphone plays a vital role in Skype because you can’t make and receive a video or voice call when Skype microphone not working. You should not worry about it because it is a common problem and it’s so easy to solve it. There are many reasons to create problems in the microphone of your computer which can be hardware or software problems.

Sometimes outdated or corrupted create this problem, and the damaged equipment can be a reason for this problem. Here we discuss the solution when Skype not picking up mic. So by using the below-listed methods, you can quickly solve this problem:

1. Is Microphone On

Sometimes, When you upgrade to Windows 10, your microphone stop working on Skype, many times it happens that the microphone is turned off in the system settings. If it is so, then here are the check for your mic power options.

  • Go to the Windows Settings,Windows sound settings
  • Click on ‘Privacy,’
  • You will see the Microphone on the left panel,
  • Select Microphone,microphone settings
  • And turn it On,
  • Use Skype to check the microphone is working or not.

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2. Check Audio Settings On Skype

  • Open Skype,
  • Log in with your own account,
  • On the Skype window, you will see the Tool option on top,
  • Click on Tool option,
  • Click Audio settings on the left pane. Then set your Microphone device and un-tick Automatically adjust microphone settings,Skype settings
  • Click Save,
  • Check the microphone is working or not.

3. Update Sound Card Driver

  • Run Device Manager in your computer,
  • Go to ‘Sound video and game controllers,’
  • Click on ‘Sound video and game controllers,’
  • Select the ‘Realtek High Definition Audio,’
  • You should double click on it,
  • You will see a new pop-up window with program properties and driver service manager
  • Select the Driver tab,
  • And click on Update Driver.

4. Restart Windows Audio Service

Sometimes your computer can create the problem of microphone But don’t worry about it, It’s so easy to solve this problem by restarting your computer. Follow the below-listed steps when your microphone not working on Skype:

  • First of all, you should press the Windows logo key and R at the same time,
  • You will see a box,
  • Type service.mscRun tool
  • Then click OK
  • Right-click on the Windows Audio service,
  • Click Restart,SERVICES TAB for skype microphone not working
  • You should log in Skype to check that your microphone working or not.
  • If all the above settings are done and still there is no sound, then check maybe your headphone jack not working.


Talking of the solutions, then we have listed the technical solutions in case your mic is not working in your windows os. If you are still unable to solve your problem even after trying all the above methods, then you shall check for probable hardware error in your mic. If still, you believe that the problem is technical and can be solved over the computer, then we welcome your suggestions or queries. Please comment in the below section.

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