Solution For “You Need Permission To Perform This Action” Error

When the users work on the computer, There is so many Error, That makes a disturbance. But, When you work, and you get a You need permission to perform this action error on your computer, It is so irritating. This problem is caused by many, but security permission is the main reason for this issue.

Sometimes, You see that you can’t access all the files from your PC. This issue may also happen because you don’t have the permission or because there is a problem between multiple data from your system. So, the users will not be able to make any changes due to this error.

you need permission to perform this action

You get continuously the error. You need permission to perform this action in Windows 10 similarly in Windows 8, Windows 7 or any version of Windows while you already understand the permission. It is so annoying when you play a movie or a game, but you can’t do it because of unknown reason. Also, The same alerts when you install or delete any file or program from your windows 10 computer thus gaining file permission on your device is a must-have.

You should don’t worry about this problem because, in this article, You’ll get a complete solution of the windows 10 you need permission to perform this action. Follow the below-listed methods to fix this error.

1. Third-Party Antivirus Should Be Turn Off

Most of the users use a third-party antivirus, You should temporarily disable it if you see this error on the display of your computer. If the problem is solved by disabling the third-party antivirus, You should report to your vendor and ask for other antivirus product.

2. Restart Your Computer in Safe Mode

This is the easiest method, Restart your computer in safe mode and try to delete the folder from there. The folder is deleted, it means that some process was basically holding due to this folder or any file from the folder. If you are not able to delete the folder so keep reading below.

The error 'You need permission to perform this action' can damage the files on your computer


If you are using Windows 10 / Windows 8/8.1, Follow these steps:

  1. Click the Start button,
  2. Go to Power,
  3. You should press and hold the Shift key on your keyboard,
  4. Click Reboot,
  5. Your PC will reboot into the Troubleshoot screen,
  6. Select Advanced options on Troubleshoot screen,
  7. Click startup settings and Restart,
  8. Hit F4 after Restarting your computer,

Check, Your system is OK now.

For Windows 7

First of all, You should save your work.

  1. Restart your computer,
  2. Press F8 before the Windows loading screen,
  3. Select Safe mode,
  4. Check if this method resolved your problem.

3. You Should Scan Your Computer

You can check your PC for malware when the above methods didn’t work properly for you. When you get the notification of this error on your screen, You should scan your computer for malware. If your computer is malware infected, you can use your main antivirus or the built-in Windows Defender solution.

See these steps for Windows 7

  1. First of all, go to the Start menu,
  2. See the Search box and type ‘Defender’ there,
  3. You’ll see a list of programs,
  4. Select Windows Defender,
  5. Select the Scan option.

For Windows 8/8.1

  1. Click on the Start button,
  2. See the Search box,
  3. Type ‘Windows Defender‘ in the search box,
  4. Select Windows Defender from the list,
  5. Go to the Update section in Windows Defender,
  6. Select Home,
  7. You should navigate to Scan option in Home,
  8. Choose Scan now after select Full.

For Windows 10

  1. Ope the Start Menu on your computer,
  2. You should Navigate the Settings,The error 'You need permission to perform this action Windows 10' can generate due to incorrect permissions.
  3. Enter the Update & Security section in settings,
  4. Go to Windows Defender and open it,The error 'You need permission to perform this action' can damage the files on your computer
  5. Run a full scan of your PC.

For the use of this method, you should check all the drive and file in your computer because you need a dependable ally with your main antivirus when you see the ‘You need permission to perform this action Windows 10’ on your screen.

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4. Change Permissions On Your Computer

Sometimes, This error will be shown due to an actual permissions problem, That is why you should follow the below-listed steps:

  1. Right-click on the folder,
  2. Choose the properties,
  3. Click on the Security tab in properties,
  4. And then click on the Advanced button,You can fix the error 'You need permission to perform this action' by changing the permissionsr
  5. Now you should click on the change permission button that is at the bottom left.

If you are thinking that you did wrong changes, Then Here is an alternative method to do change permissions:

  1. First of all, you should check the replace all the child object permissions with inheritable permissions,There is a high risk in Windows 7 for the error ‘You need permission to perform this action '.
  2. Then uncheck the Include inheritable permissions from this object’s parent box,
  3. You’ll see a warning box after unchecking the box,
  4. You can choose Add or Remove from warning box,
  5. Go and click on Add.The error ‘You need permission to perform this action' disturbs you.

After clicking on Add, you’ll see that a normal folder is looking like SYSTEM, and the user can fully control it after Type set to Allow. Now, you should see the what different you will get after the clicking on ADD, Edit and Remove buttons.There is a high risk in Windows 7 for the error ‘You need permission to perform this action '.

If you see any permissions, After that add your username and Administrator and give them full control on permissions. You can add your name for Windows account.

5. Fix It by Changing the Ownership for the Problematic Item

You can also try this method by changing the ownership for the item that is having any permission issues:

  1. Right-click on the object which is blocked by Error,
  2. Select Properties,
  3. Open Security tab,
  4. Click on the advanced button,
  5. Select the Owner section,
  6. And click on Change,
  7. You’ll see the Select User,
  8. Type Administrators or  your username,
  9. Then click OK

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You can also change the ownership of problematic items by using Command Prompt:

  1. Press the Windows logo key and S button together on your keyboard,
  2. Open the search box,
  3. And type “CMD”,
  4. You’ll see a list of program, Select Command Prompt from the list,
  5. Right-click on the list,
  6. Run it As Administrator,
  7. Provide your confirmation,
  8. An elevated command prompt will open,
  9. Type the following command

takeown /f “path_to_folder” /r /d y
icacls “path_to_folder” /grant administrators:F /T

Now, close your command and restart your computer.

6. Fix this Error by Adding Your Account to the Administrators Group

If you don’t have the necessary administrative privileges, Then the error ‘You need permission to perform this action’ can come. In this method, we’ll discuss how to solve this problem by adding your account to the administrator group. The process of this method is different for a different version of windows.

For Windows 7

  1. Click on the Start button,
  2. Go to Control Panel,
  3. Select User Accounts,
  4. Click on User Accounts,
  5. Then Click on Manage User Account,
  6. Now, You should provide the confirmation,
  7. After that go to the Users tab,
  8. Navigate to Users for this computer,
  9. Select your account and click on Properties,
  10. Then, Move to the Group Membership tab and click on the Administrator group,
  11. Click OK and click OK again.

For Windows 8/8.1

  1. First of all, Press Windows Key + X,
  2. Select Command Prompt,
  3. Then you’ll see Command Prompt dialog,
  4. Type ‘net localgroup’ in dialog,
  5. Now, It will show a list of all your local groups,
  6. Run the Command ‘net localgroup Administrators [username] /add,’

In the end, You should also check that name of the account that you wish to add to your Administrators group.

For Windows 10

  1. Press a short key that is ‘Windows Key + X’,
  2. Select Computer Management,
  3. Go to Local Users and Groups,
  4. you’ll see your account in the left side,
  5. Double-click on it,
  6. After that go to the Member of tab and click on the Add button,
  7. Navigate to the Enter the object names to select field,
  8. Now, type Administrator and click on Check Names > OK,
  9. Select Administrator and then Apply.

Finally, Restart your PC and check if it is OK now.

7. Reinstall the Affected App from Your Computer

You should reinstall or uninstall the app which has an issue of permission. Sometimes, In Windows 10 You need permission to perform this action error can disturb you only due to one application that is affected by a virus or the problems.

If you are using Windows 10. First of all, you should go to the Start menu on your computer. Click on Settings and navigate to the system. Now, you can select apps and features in your system. You’ll see a search box, Search there for the app which you want to Uninstall, After that select this app and click Uninstall. Confirm your action by clicking OK.

Some step is different in Windows 8/8.1 because it is the previous version of Window. You’ll see a Start screen after the clicking on Start icon. You should select the app that you want to remove or uninstall and right-click on its icon. A toolbar will open at the bottom of the screen then select uninstall.

A lot of users still using Windows 7 because of its features and easy to use. It is the most popular and used version of Windows but in this operating system the error, You need permission to perform this action make more disturbance because the security features in this version are shallow rather than Windows 8 or Windows 10. In Windows 7, Click on the Windows icon and click on Control Panel from the list. Go to the programs and click on Uninstall a program. Now, you can choose the application you want to uninstall or remove and click on it. Then provide your confirmation after clicking on Uninstall.

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Now, You should install the app again and check if you can use it.

8. You should Fix your System Registry

If your Windows Registry is corrupt or damaged then it can be a reason of this error. So, You should repair your registry without any further delay even you don’t like it. Some users ignore the repairing of registry because they think it can damage their computer, However it may be possible. So, you can use any tool to repair your Windows registry. You can purchase the tool from online or from your local can fie the error 'You need permission to perform this action' by fixing the registry.

9. You can Clean Install your Operating System to Fix this Error

The clean installation of your operating system can fix ‘You need permission to perform this action’ error. You should make sure that your personal files and data are backed up in external hard drive or special software. Another option is that you can migrate all your data to another laptop or computer. If you have Windows 10 in your computer, then open the Start menu and go to the Settings gear. Navigate to Update & security and select Reset this PC, get started and Remove everything.

10. Try the Unlocker Program

Unlocker is a free program that can hold the lock on a folder which is affected by a virus. But, When you install this program, you should make sure that any special offer program is not running on your computer. It’ll ask you to install other programs, so you have to on Skip a couple of times. After the installation of this program, An extra option will be added to your right-click context menu:

  1. Go to the folder in Explorer,
  2. You should right-click on it and choose Unlocker,you should try Unlocker program when you see the erro 'You need permission to perform this action'.
  3. It’ll show you a pop-up window,
  4. In the pop-up window, you’ll get a list of programs that have locks on the folder,There is a high risk in Windows 7 for the error ‘You need permission to perform this action '.
  5. Now, There are two option Unlock or Unlock All

The option Unlock will let you unlock a particular item while if you click on Uninstall All then you’ll be able to lock all the folder. Therefore, you can choose the option which you want.

You can Clean Install your Operating System to Fix the Error 'you need permission to perform this action.'

11. Fix this Issue by Using a Boot Disk

This is surely more complicated method but we’re sure that you’ll be able to delete anything you want by using this method when you get ‘You need permission to perform this action’ error on your screen. A boot disk is a bootable CD/DVD by which you can delete files, delete partitions, repairing registry and lots more.


Sometimes, When you get the ‘You need permission to perform this action’ error on your screen, You’ll, especially when you are working. The main reason for this problem is that you don’t have permissions. As a result, you can fix this issue by using these methods and can use your computer as you want. If you don’t get a proper solution to this issue after using these methods, then you can comment in the comment box, and our team will give you a precise answer within 24 hours.

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