Fake Windows 10 Keys Circulating All Over Internet

There is a lot of search about Windows 10 on the internet as most of the internet users want to use Windows 10 for being the latest OS. People who use Windows 7/8, can upgrade it to Windows 10 by using Windows 10 product keys and by searching Windows 10 activation keys on the internet. But people don’t get the original keys easily. However, they find serial keys, but those keys won’t work correctly because they are fake.

fake windows 10 activation keys

Actually, keys are generated only by Microsoft and Microsoft doesn’t give permission to anyone for creating Windows 10 keys, Even if someone makes the keys, Microsoft does not allow to activate those Windows 10 keys.

Windows 10 is the latest and smart version of windows which is released by Microsoft in 2015. This operating system has advanced features in comparison to others, so everyone wants to use it and search for keys, and many websites provide Windows 10 product keys to them. These keys are generated by fake methods, as they only want users on their sites.

What are Windows 10 Keys?

Windows 10 key is a combination of 25 character code, (xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx), Which is generated by Microsoft, You can easily upgrade and install Windows 10 by using activation keys. You can quickly get original windows 10 product keys instead of fake from the official website of Microsoft or third-party sellers. Searching for free window 10 keys will not work out for you as the free and shared keys for windows are always fake.

How to Get Genuine Windows 10 Product Keys?

Microsoft gives a free 15 days trial of Windows 10, And after the trial period you have to enter the serial key to activate your Windows; otherwise, you can not use the advanced features of Windows 10. You can purchase the key from Microsoft’s official website.

Step 1: Go to the official website of Microsoft,

Step 2: Search there for Windows 10 product keys,

Step 3: Click on ‘Purchase’ option,

Step 4: Enter your email to verification,

Step 5: Choose the way to pay,

Step 6: Enter your card such as Paypal, Visa etc.

Step 7: Open your email to verify,

Step 8: After the verification, You will get the Windows 10 serial key.

However you can also purchase the CD/DVD of Windows 10 key from a third-party seller, If you are using a genuine copy of Windows 7 or Windows 8/8.1, Then you can upgrade it into Windows 10 without any keys.

How Can You Find The Difference Between and Genuine Windows 10 Keys?

There are so many websites on the internet which provide Windows 10 product keys for Windows activation. Some of them offer free keys, and some are payable. You can’t know about fake keys without the activation process. You have to run the process of upgrade and activation to know about keys because, Mostly the keys which are provided by any website,won’t work correctly.Fake Windows 10 keys circulating all over internet, fake windows 10 product key

Sometimes they provide you a used key, where you can’t activate more than one window with the same Windows 10 serial keys. Below-listed steps can help you to find either your Keys are genuine or fake.

If you are using the free 15 Days Trial Version Of Windows 10:

Step 1: After the period of a trial version, You will be asked for activating the Windows 10,

Step 2: Click on ‘Activate Now,’

Step 3: Enter the product key which you take from the internet,

Step 4: If the keys are real, Then Windows will start installing,

Step 5: Otherwise, Microsoft shows you that keys are fake.

If  you want to upgrade Windows 10:

If you are using a genuine activated copy of Windows 7/8, You can upgrade the Windows 10 without the serial keys, But if you are using a pirated Windows 7/8, Then you have to enter the activation keys to upgrade to Windows 10.

Step 1: Go to the Microsoft website,

Step 2: Search for Windows 10 upgrade,

Step 3: Choose the version Windows 10 which you prefer,

Step 4: Click on upgrade option,

Step 5: The windows will start downloading,

Step 6: After the downloading, You should click on Update Now,

Step 7: The Windows will start installing,

Step 8: After installing you should enter the product keys,get original windows 10 product keys instead of fake, fake windows 10 serial key on websites

Step 9: If the keys are real then your Window will be activated,

Step 10: Microsoft warns you if the keys are fake.


Can I Activate Windows 10 Using Fake Keys?

Many websites provide you with a free Windows 10 product key. They are fake or used, Because Microsoft doesn’t allow to activate more than one Window by the same key, So you can’t activate windows 10 by a used product key. We suggest that you should purchase the Windows 10 activation key from Microsoft’s website because fake Windows 10 keys are circulating all over the internet.

From Where I Should Purchase Genuine Windows 10 Keys?

There are so many websites on the internet which sell the Windows 10 product keys, But you should trust only on Microsoft’s official website instead of others. Microsoft doesn’t permit to any site to sell the Windows key online. However, you can purchase a CD/DVD of genuine Windows from a third-party seller, which will Include Genuine Windows Keys.

Where I can Find Windows 10 Activation Keys?

There are many sources that can provide you with genuine windows 10 activation keys. Either these sources are paid and may be free in some cases. Read our highlights for finding windows 10 Activation serial keys below:

  • When you have decided to buy working windows 10 keys, then you can simply visit the Microsoft website and purchase the keys to activate your copy of windows. You will be provided with instructions by Microsoft when you buy keys from them.
  • You can find the Windows 10 product keys in CD/DVD cover of Windows 10 Product Pack.
  • You can fetch the working Windows 10 Product keys by simply from any refurbished computer with pre-installed windows 10 onto it.
  • Sometimes Windows 10 Product keys are issued by Microsoft with third parties for promotional basis or student purpose. So you can search for Promotional Windows 10 Keys, or Windows 10 product keys for students.
  • You can use corporate windows 10 keys for activation, as corporate windows 10 keys can easily activate multiple copies of windows at same time.

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