Fresh Install Windows 10 In five Simple Steps – Product Keys Included

Windows 10 is an upgraded version of Windows 8. It is launched nearly four years ago and users can Install Windows 10 for free. The foundation of Windows 10 is based on Windows 7 and Windows 8 and it is easy to use. We can say that Windows 10 is the smartest version of windows till now. Some new features built-in Window 10 are for IT departments and mobile device management. Windows 10 reduce the storage footprint of your computer because it compresses the system file.

Fresh Install Windows 10

Windows 10

With Windows 10 you can replace Internet Explorer as the default web browser. This operating system can help you to secure your data more and give you more privacy. There are so many extra features included in Window 10 like snipping tool, MDM, etc.

In this version of the windows, a most popular feature of Windows 10 is that it supports all universal apps in common. It has many types of lock systems for privacy like fingerprint lock, eye lock, and face lock. Windows 10 mostly received positive reviews because of its advanced features and it is so easy to do a fresh install of windows 10.However, Windows 10 Product key is required to activate it after the free trial of a month.

Windows 10 is also available for mobile, It is designed by Microsoft specifically for smartphones and computers. The users of Windows 10 will automatically receive the notifications for updates and users can also postpone the updates. You can also install it by USB and it’s not a hard process to reinstall windows 10 from USB. There are so many free apps available on the store which were paid in the previous version of windows.

Steps to Install Windows 10

The installation of Windows 10 is a simple process but sometimes after the installation, the software doesn’t work properly and they bring unwanted files and viruses. So the Windows 10 clean install is best to remove every unwanted files and virus. With the clean installation, Windows 10 quickly find the viruses and remove them. Here we will show you some steps to the clean installation of Windows 10: 

1.Insert Loaded Disc
For the fresh install windows 10, You should insert a disc in your computer which is loaded by Windows 10.

2. Start Menu
Open the start menu and click on the window icon which is in the left corner of your screen. You can also press the Win key.

3. Power Icon
Click on the power icon and do a restart to your computer.

4. Enter Setup
For enter setup, You should press and hold the button F2 or Del.  It is not too sure that only these keys are always right for setup, Keys will different in different computers for setup. You will see a message on your screen ( press the key for setup), So you should press the key which is shown on your display.

5. Boot
Option for boot depends on your computer manufacturer, use the arrow keys to select the option.

boot setup utility tool for installing windows 10

6. Select device
You should select a device from which to boot. Here you ‘ll see two options Removable Devices and CD-Rom Drive. You have to click on Removable Devices for USB Flash Drive and click on CD-ROM Drive for disc installation.

7. Press The + Key
You should press the + key until your boot option is first because You will see a list on top of your screen and your computer will select a choice as its default boot option.

8. Save Setting
After that you will see the option “Save and Exit”, You should press it to save your settings.

9. Restart
You should wait to restart your computer. After a restart, You are ready to begin setting up your Windows 10 installation.

10. Select Language
You can select your language which you prefer and click on next.

11. Install
You’ll see the option “Install Now”, click on it.

12. Window 10 Key
Fill the box with window key, You should click on the skip in bottom right corner if you don’t have window key.

13. I Agree or Accept
Click on the accept option, It will indicate that you agree with its terms and condition.

14. Upgrade
You can click on this option if you want to move applications and file. You can also click on Custom to keep save your files and software instead of an upgrade.

15. Installation Time
Windows 10 clean install takes a minimum of half an hour, Actually, it depends on the old operating system and processing speed of your computer.

16. Instructions
You will be able to customize your computer settings after the installation of windows 10. You can be more secure your Windows with Avast anti-virus and other software.

Steps to Uninstall Windows 10 With Backup

As we know that Windows 10 is the latest and smartest version of windows but some people don’t prefer it as they are comfortable to use Windows 7 or 8, but in case you start using Windows 10, then you will definitely become fond of it. So they want to uninstall windows 10 from their computer. After they uninstall windows 10, Your computer will work according to your existing Windows 7 or 8.

Follow the below-listed steps to simply uninstall windows 10 from your pc:

  • Go to start>setting>update & security 
  • Select the recovery option on the left side.
  • You will see an option in the right of the window to go back to windows 7 or 8, Click here to start the process of uninstallation of windows 10.
  • It takes time, and the taken time depends on your PC’s processor.
  • After the uninstallation, your computer will restart.
  • You should check that everything is still working.

Easy Reinstall Windows 10

Windows 10 fresh install can make your computer new but it removes all old applications and saved files from your computer. If your window is corrupted, it is better than Windows 10 fresh and clean reinstall than normal installation.

After some time your computer can get infected by the virus or it starts running slow due to many reasons, So you need to reinstall Windows in your computer. It is an easy process to reinstall windows 10 from USB or Disc.

Steps to Reinstall Windows With Backup

  1. First of all, Connect bootable Windows 10 USB or  DVD with your computer. If you don’t have any bootable USB or DVD, You can download the Windows 10 ISO image from the official website of Microsoft using the media creation tool.
  2. Open My Computer and right-click on the USB or DVD, Open it in a new window. Similarly, do for an ISO image of Windows 10.
  3. Double click on the Setup.exe file, You should click yes when you see the User Account Control dialog.
  4.  You will see two option ‘Download and install updates’ and ‘Not right now.’ We suggest you click on ‘Download and install updates’ if your computer connected with internet.
  5. Click the Next button.
  6. The Setup will start checking for updates If you clicked the Next button. It can take 10 minutes to check for updates.
  7.  Click the Accept button on the License terms screen to proceed further.Windows 10 license terms and conditions
  8. You might see the following Making sure you are ready to install the screen for a few minutes. At this stage, the Setup checks your PC can run Windows 10 and also checks the sufficient space in your computer.
  9. You will see two option Choose what to keep or Ready to install on the screen.
  10. You must be having Working Windows Product Key to license the windows to the original.
  11. If you are ready to install, Click on the Change what to keep and click the Next button.
  12.  After the clicking on the Next button, You will see three option on the screen Keep personal files and apps, Keep personal files only, and Nothing.
  13. Click on Install button.
  14. Click Customize setting to change your privacy settings.


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