FIX: Kmode Exception Not Handled || Error – 0x0000001e in Windows 10, 8, 7

The Blue Screen error of Windows sudden shutdown is always been disturbing when you are busy in your working with any of your important projects and lose all your progress. The main reason for the sudden appearing Blue Screen in Windows is kmode exception not handled by running windows files in the background. Windows forces your BSoD files to simply recover the data by restarting the Kmode Process.


There are many different codes and errors that may cause Blue Screen Error of Death in Windows 10 especially. This error also may appear in Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 also. We have covered all the relevant errors which cause the blue screen error and restarts your windows computer, along with the complete solution to a kmode exception not handled error in Windows.

BSOD – Blue Screen Of Death

Blue Screen Of Death (BSOD) is basically a stop code that is integrated into the Windows Operating system. These codes are present in every Windows that belongs to Ms. Windows NT family (i.e. Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 too). This error is counted in Windows fatal system errors that can cause a sudden crash of your computer.

In order to prevent this Microsoft has designed BSOD, so Windows can automatically restart themselves and rectify the error. Blue Screen Of Death error is caused when there are some bad elements present in the driver codes of the hardware, faults in RAM or ROM, break in Power Supply, incompatible DLLs, Bugs in the system, etc.

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BSOD Error

Usually, Windows shows Blue screen error due to kmode exception most of the times. But in many cases, there are also other errors too that can cause a blue screen of death in windows.

  • Divide By Zero Error
    The reason for this error is when running windows program value gets divided by zero, then the program stucks into infinite loops and finally fails to load the respective program due to which this error appears.
  • IRQL Not Less Or Equal
    The reasons behind occurring this driver_irql_not_less_or_equal error are because of incompatible drivers or hardware malfunctions.
  • Kmode Exception Not Handled
    It is a BSOD error which is caused by the inaccurate drive configurations. This error is the most common and most basic error that shows a blue screen suddenly in windows 10.
  • Registry Error
    These errors are caused when there is failed registry windows files. Modifying Windows registry files can eliminate this error.
  • Inaccessible Boot Device
    When there is any device which is unable to be booted by windows, then this type of error occurs. This error is basically the error when windows OS fails to boot devices.
  • Unexpected Kernel Mode Trap
    It is actually a bug check service showing that CPU generated a trap and the kernel unsuccessful to hold the trap.
  • Bad Pool Header 
  • NTFS File System Error
    The NTFS indicated the Hard Disk and this particular error occurred because of hard disk corruption.

Kmode_Exception_not_handled Windows 10 Fix

Kmode_Exception_not_handled is basically an error that causes blue screen death to your windows suddenly when you are working on an important project that may consume high CPU. This error is also termed by the phrase ‘Insect Check Error Signal Value of 0x0000001E’. The main reason behind these errors is that it is caused because of failure in the system driver files or when any driver becomes incompatible and needs a quick Windows Update. In case of damage, these drivers can get stuck in the infinite loops as the programming code gets divided by zero.

BSOD errors are basically the cause of many reasons like overlocking of any program file, obsolete or faulty drivers, windows update failure and many more. Many times when different firmware is working simultaneously, then it may corrupt some of the files getting stuck in an infinite loop which falls in the category of Kmode Exception. This is the primary reason for getting blue screen in windows 10 and you computer auto restarts to solve your problem completely. The easiest way to fix this error is listed below in the article. You can easily fix this problem by simply switching your computer to safe mode.

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Basically, Kmode error is caused due to faulty hardware and driver coding. Still, there are few listed reasons that simply cause the Blue Screen Of Death Error in your Windows.

  • Faulty or Incompatible third-party software,
  • Incompatible drivers & Hardware,
  • Falsely configured hardware,
  • Corrupted system files, and
  • Corrupted RAM

Below we have listed the solutions that can easily fix all the blue screen Errors in Windows causing due to stop code kmode exception not handled.


When your computer suddenly causes a blue screen of death error, there are many aftereffects also that you start facing. That’s why we suggest that you do not leave it in once and find a proper solution for the respective. These are the dangerous symptoms that can cause the problem to your computer when you start experiencing kmode error.

  • The related speed of your PC will slow down a bit and you will experience more of processing.
  • You can suddenly experience Blue Screen Of Death error anytime. You can start receiving stop codes of error 0x0000001E and many more errors.
  • These error codes make your computer to restart again and again. This will cause you to lose all your data.
  • The error occurs when you try to run a specific program.
  • Your PC shows the error code it might be caught into a reboot loop automatically.
  • It can also crash your RAM or ROM as it disrupts the power supply suddenly.
  • The Kmode Exception error might temporary hit you and goes away automatically.

FIX 1: Update Windows Drivers

As Kmode Exception Not Handled error is basically caused due to faulty drivers or programming codes, we would recommend you to fix the driver of your computer by simply updating them. Usually, when you see Kmode Not Handled Error in your Blue Screen of Death in Windows 10, it needs your drivers to be updated.

You need to first find the faulty driver that is creating an error inwindows 10 kmode exception not handled.Follow the below steps to find out the faulty driver in your PC,

  1. Restart your PC and press F8 button simultaneously. This will Boot your computer in Safe Mode when you are attempting to force restart your PC in Safe Mode.
  2. After your computer has started in Safe Mode, Now Click on Windows Key along with X, this command will open the Device Manager of your computer.kmode_drop_down_menu
  3. Look for the list of Options in Device Manager Windows.
    ( Note: Now all you have to do is to find the driver files that are showing their status as unknown. You can check this when you expand each driver category. All you have to do is update these drivers further)
    kmode exception not handled,
  4. ‘Right click’ on each driver, and select ‘Update Driver Software’ option.
  5. Select to update drivers automatically, and all you need to do is let your drivers get updated completely.
     kmode exception not handled windows 10
  6. After all your Drivers are Updated, Simply Restart Your Computer.

This method is the best way to solve any error in your PC including windows stop code and kmode_exception errors.

 stop code kmode exception not handled

FIX 2: Disable Fast Startup

One of the main reason that causes Blue Screen of Death in Windows is fast startup error in Windows 10. This is the process when windows get started in quick mode usually when you are booting your PC or turning back from stand by to ON situation. Sometimes some of the drivers fail to load, due to which stop code kmode exception not handlederror usually occurs and becomes the reason of Blue Screen Of Death in Windows 10.

You can also resolve issues like kmode and rest errors that cause BSOD in Windows 10 by simply turning down the Fast Startup mode in windows. However, disabling fast startup will cause a delay in your PC startup timing. Follow the steps below to disable fast startup:

  1. Go to your Control Panel,
  2. Click on Power Options, kmode exception
  3. Click on ‘Power Button Options’,
  4. Now click on ‘Change Available Settings’,kmode, windows 10 kmode exception not handled
  5. Now Uncheck ‘ Fast Startup’ Option and click on apply,
  6. Click ok and restart your computer.

This can solve your kmode and BSOD errors. If still after taking all two above steps your problem persists, then you can move forward to other solution listed below.

FIX 3: Memory Diagnostics

When your windows are experiencing any corrupt file that may be triggering your BSOD errors with kmode exception, then it may be the issue of faulty programming or any suspicious activity like spamming. You can run the Windows Memory Diagnostic tool in order to solve windows 10 blue screen kmode exception not handled.

Follow the beow steps to run memory diagnostics in Windows:

  1. Open Control Panel on your system from the Start Menu,
  2. Select ‘Administrative Tools’,stop code kmode exception not handled
  3. Now find and click on ‘Windows Memory Diagnostics’,
  4. Now simply look for the option to restart your computer and run Memory Diagnostic in Windows 10, windows 10 blue screen kmode exception not handled
  5. Your Pc will get Restart and Windows Memory Diagnostic will start running,
  6. Soon your computer will find the errors and solve them.

This is also one of the effective ways to simply solve all the problems related to your Kmode error causing Blue screen of death in Windows 10. If still, the problem persists then follow the next step.

FIX 4: Test Your RAM

When working on any important project suddenly occurs with an error in your PC stating kmode exception not handled windows 10 shutdown,then another reason behind it can be a problem in RAM of your computer. You can run the test on your Windows RAM that its working fine or not.

kmode exception not handled windows 10 shutdown

If 0x0000007F UNEXPECTED KERNEL MODE TRAP error appears just after adding a new RAM to your system, then you have to shut down your PC -> remove the newly added RAM and then reboot your computer. After rebooting your system, check that the error is fixed or not.

FIX 5: Disable Memory Cache

You can verify from BIOS of your computer that kmode errorcausing a sudden restart of your system. erorr 0x0000001e or 0x0000007f can be caused due to Memory Cache. You can simply check this by changing certain settings in your BIOS.Follow the steps below to turn off Memory Cache From BIOS of your windows: kmode error, windows stop code

  1. First, you have to reboot your computer,
  2. Then while booting press the F2 or Del key to enter into the BIOS Setup window,
  3. After it, navigate to the Advanced menu and choose Cache Memory,
  4. Disable it and press F10 to Save & Exit,
  5. Select YES

FIX 6: Reinstall and Update Windows

Well, we have prepared the complete list that will help you out in solving the blue screen of death caused by windows stop codeStill, if you are unable to persist with the problem then you can simply reinstall the copy of your windows and update it completely. Make sure that you are having your Windows 10 keys before you opt to reinstall your windows.

Summing Up:

All we have stated above are the complete solutions for Kmode Exception Not Handled Error in Windows 10, 8/8.1 and Windows 7 too. You shall take this error seriously and simply fix all the problems that may be causing these errors. If you are still unable to solve the problem then you can simply comment in the below section or contact us for further help. You can also check our article for Vulkan Runtime Libraries if still, the problem persists. Sometimes due to Vulkan malfunction, the computer can show errors like BSOD.

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