Disable Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry Causing 100% Disk Usage

Among the many different features in Windows 10, one of the newly introduced is Telemetry, which is used by your Windows 10 to sync and send the performance reports to Microsoft. This feature is introduced by Microsoft to collect the errors and performance reports, to improve their user experience and working of their flagship Windows 10 operating system. There have been many reports in Windows 10 forums that Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry shows high disk usage in windows and causing the system to crash.

However, there are many different reports that say that Microsoft can steal any sensitive data and is also even prone to Spam attacks sometimes. There are many reports claiming that after they have Windows 10 product key activated, they are facing some storage issues and problems like Microsoft compatibility telemetry high disk usage. Usually, users seek to disable the telemetry programme to reserve their space on memory.

windows compatibility telemetry

Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry

Microsoft telemetry capability is the tracking service based on diagnostics which basically delivers Microsoft with all the bugs, errors, and performance reports. Some Upgraded versions of Windows 7 and Windows 8 also have telemetry embedded in them too. Windows telemetry is an important process that collects all the information from the computer about usability and performance, the further it sends the report to Microsoft. This report is used for the analysis for preparing the new updates for Windows 10.

Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry high disk usage problem starts when you have been running your pc from a long span of time. This slows down the speed of your computer as when telemetry starts, it consumes a large number of CPU space to gather report to be sent to Microsoft. Telemetry can be simply disabled from windows system settings. After the fresh install of Windows 10 telemetry usually starts showing up after a month of usage.

Microsoft suggests that you shall not disable telemetry from your system services, as it gathers and shares the report of different types of users, hardware, external devices, crashes, etc so that Microsoft can check and upgrade their Windows OS for best user experience. This data is sent to Microsoft from time to time. Microsoft compatibility telemetry windows 10 high disk usage problem can be solved by following the article below.

Data Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry Collects From PC / Windows 10

A rumor has been all around that Microsoft compatibility telemetry can steal your sensitive data. Microsoft does not share any data from your computer other than the performance of the computer. Following is the list of data that Microsoft shares from your pc in order to enhance the performance and develop better updates for windows OS.

  • It sends the information on types of hardware you are using with your desktop.
  • It also collects all the details of drivers installed with your computer and shares its performance details.
  • It shares all the multimedia formats you are using and also the analysis of your usage for all the different features.
  • It shares the bug and error reports that have been raised so far after the last update of your pc.
  • Microsoft strictly shares the details of your interaction with Cortona. Since Cortona is Microsoft’s version of AI, so they are always eager to get the update for Cortona to make it more enhanced.
  • It shares the time that an application takes to load or close completely from your computer.
  • Shares your location so that Microsoft can figure out the type of users that can be found in different localities.
  • Shares all of your search history to keep track of your PC’s usability.
  • Typed text on keyboard sent every 30 minutes
  • Transcripts of things you say while using Cortana
  • Index of all media files on your computer, your personal and public settings that you use for better experience Windows 10.

Now as you can see, that Microsoft compatibility telemetry share many of the details and information from your computer, thus whenever it gets started your computer faces the usability issues and causing 100 high CPU usage problems in your Windows. You can simply disable windows 10 telemetry by going to your windows system settings.

Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry in Windows 10

Using a tool to share the user experience and data, Microsoft compatibility telemetry is a vital tool that tells Microsoft about the requirement of updates needed in windows OS. The data that is collected by telemetry is used for improving the Windows to more user-friendly and glitch-free experience. Studying user behavior makes the telemetry to help Microsoft to improve security.  It helps to make windows safer against virus attacks. Telemetry plays a vital role in Microsoft to develop their OS for more than user needs.

In Windows 10, when Windows compatibility telemetry usually starts after sometime when your windows are logged in and connected to the internet. Telemetry starts accumulating data to be shared with Microsoft, which makes windows 10 high disk usage. Since it collects a huge amount of data including your every setting and working that you have done in the computer, a large space and disk usage are consumed to process the data. This can make your windows to run low on memory. You can either remove or disable windows compatibility telemetry.

Uses of Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry

These are the main uses you can collect before getting rid of compatibility telemetry from windows 10.

  • Keeps your windows up to date.
  • keeps your windows secure at some angles and also helps you to get updates for any problem you are facing in your computer.
  • Allows windows to Personalise or customize windows engagement surfaces.
  • Helps to improve the performance of your windows by analytics of collected data.

Remove / Disable Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry

There are various ways by which you can remove telemetry from your windows 10 and get rid of it permanently. You can also disable windows 10 telemetry (recommended) as it will not completely remove telemetry and will be available for you to turn on anytime you feel to share any glitch in windows 10. Microsoft compatibility telemetry disk usage problems can easily be solved using these methods.

We have listed below the five different ways to remove/disable Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry from windows 10.

I. Disable Telemetry using Windows 10 Registry Editor

You can also disable Microsoft Telemetry simply by using Windows registry editor. follow the steps below:

  1. On your keyboard, press the Windows logo key + R at the same time to Run command.
  2. Type regedit in the box
  3. click OK.
  4. Click YES when prompted by User Account Control.
  5. Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE >> SOFTWARE >> Policies >> Microsoft >> Windows >>DataCollection
  6. Double-click Allow Telemetry.
  7. Set Value date to zero and click OK.

II. Take ownership of CompatTellRunner.exe and remove Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry

Please make sure that before carrying this step you are logged in as an administrator in your computer. This is the ost simple and easy way to remove Telemetry from windows 10 completely.

  1. Open Run Dialog box press Windows key + R
  2. Type the following  C:\Windows\System32,
  3. Then a window will appear. In that window find CompatTelRunner.exe folder.
  4. Now Right-click on CompatTelRunner to Select properties
  5. Now, go to security Tab,
  6. Click on Advanced Button,
  7. Now find the Owner tab then select the edit button,
  8. After that, a window will appear, select Administrators. and Click Apply and Ok,
  9. now you will see a prompt that warns you to close all Properties windows that are currently open in order to change the ownership, Click on OK,
  10. After changing the owner of a file, you have to now change the permissions. You can do it by right-clicking the Compattelrunner.exe file again, Now open Properties.
  11. Now Go to the Security tab and click Advanced once again.
  12. Within the window, select Permissions tab, and from the list that pops out, select the account you are using and choose Edit.
  13. You will see a new window with options about the permissions. You need to Select the current user account which you are using and click the Allow column box for Full control.
  14. Then Click Apply and hit OK to save the change.
  15. Now you have to simply delete CompatTelRunner.exe file.

Now after you have completed all the steps listed above, you will make yourself the owner of the file and you will be having the complete control over it. Now you can easily delete the Compattellrunner file from your computer. You can also follow these steps to change the ownership rights of any other file too in the system.

III. Disable Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry Using Group Policy Editor

You can simply disable telemetry windows 10 using the group policy editor settings. In order to disable using GPEdit, follow the steps below:

  1. Press Windows + R Key or open Run. This will open the Run.cmd
  2. Now in the space given, Type GPEdit.msc, and click ok,
  3. Now go to Configuration >> Administrative Templates >> Windows Components >> Data Collection and Preview Builds.
  4. Now Double click on Telemetry
  5. Click on Disable Option and then click OK.

IV. Remove Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry by using Command Prompt as ADMIN

You can simply remove Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry using the Command Prompt. You can simply do this by following the below steps:

  1. Click the Windows button and type cmd.
  2. Now run the Command Prompt as Administrator.
  3. To do so Right click on command prompt and choose run as Administrator.
  4. Type the following commands carefully and Press enter after typing each command
  • sc delete DiagTrack
  • sc delete dmwappushservice
  • echo “” > C:\\ProgramData\\Microsoft\\Diagnosis\\ETLLogs\\AutoLogger\\AutoLogger-Diagtrack-Listener.etl
  • reg add “HKLM\\SOFTWARE\\Policies\\Microsoft\\Windows\\DataCollection” /v AllowTelemetry /t REG_DWORD /d 0 /f

V. Disable CompatTelTunner.exe from Task Scheduler to disable Telemetry

  1. Hold the Windows Key + Press R.
  2. Type taskschd.msc and Click OK 
  3. Go To Expand Task Scheduler Library >> Microsoft >> Windows >> Application Experience >> compattelrunner.exe
  4. Right click on any of the tasks listed as Microsoft Compatibility Appraiser
  5. Choose Disable.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different levels of Compatibility Telemetry in Windows 10?

There are basically four different levels for telemetry in windows 10. These four levels of telemetry are:

  • Security: This is the level of Microsoft compatibility telemetry where all the data collected by it is for security purposes. All the data collected under security is shared with Microsoft to keep a check for any virus or spam attack. This is an important level of Telemetry as it enables Microsoft to study the new threats for the computer.
  • Basic: This is the level that collects the information on the basic functioning of the computer.nIt is important as it keeps the check on the normal routine functioning of Telemetry.
  • Enhanced: In this level, every information from security and other software is gathered. This information is then shared with Microsoft along with the details of the working of other applications available on your computer.
  • Complete: In this level, telemetry gathers and collects all the relative information regarding security, functioning, applications, typing, browsing, media files, etc present on your Windows 10 desktop. It also helps to download the updated version for the windows 10 that suits most for your usability. This also helps your computer to conduct windows module installer worker windows 10 to start installing updates.

How to Turn Off Windows 10 Telemetry?

There are mainly five methods by which you can Turn Off Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry. You can either completely remove telemetry or you can simply disable it. You can also seek for some of the telemetry removal tools, that will help you to stop and completely delete telemetry from your windows 10.

We recommend you not to turn off telemetry, however, the high CPU usage caused by telemetry is in windows 10 can be a disturbing element, so we suggest that you simply disable telemetry if you have sensitive information saved over your computer.

Is Telemetry Safe for my Windows 10?

Since Windows 10 is considered to be the most preferred version among all the windows, Microsoft is working 24×7 to make it more user-friendly. Telemetry in windows 10 shares your data and information with Microsoft just to improve the quality of their Windows OS. Microsoft is one of the safest and trusted company to design operating systems. Your user information is shared with Microsoft but there is no need to worry as Microsoft keeps your info completely safe with them. Now if you’re looking for an ingenious solution to Microsoft Compatibility telemetry high CPU usage or disk usage issues then this article is sufficient to stop you further search on the internet.

What is CompatTelRunner.exe?

It is a process which is used to upgrade your system to the latest OS version or other Service Pack upgrades. It takes up storage bandwidth which may slow down your PC, and you will most likely want to get rid of it. Users complained of multiple CompatTellRunner.exe files showing up in the Task Manager consuming CPU and high Disk Usage.

What does CompatTelRunner.exe do?

It is used to perform diagnostics on your computer to determine if there is the possibility of compatibility issues and collects program telemetry information if opted-in to the Microsoft Customer Experience Improvement Program.



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