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The high CPU usage is a nifty problem that can certainly cause you to delay with your work and leaving you with a slow working computer. The reason for a slow computer or High Disk Usage can be many. On opening the taskbar, you will notice that Modern Setup Host is consuming a lot of CPU memory leading your PC to become slow.

modern setup host

We have covered the complete topic of Modern Setup Host along with all the different ways by which you can simply eliminate the high CPU usage caused by modern setup.

What is Modern Setup Host?

Modern Setup Host or setuphost.exe is present in beta version and comes pre-installed in Windows 10. Modern Setup Host is an installer or self-extractor which helps to install updates to Windows 10. It is pre-installed in C://windows/BTSources/, and also helps to extract the files for windows update processes. Modern Host setup can be seen using the high disk space in Task Manager of your Windows.modern setup host stopped working error

Windows Setup Host runs in the background when your windows are undergoing the update process. It runs with user account privileges as an administrator and kicks the update process in the background. It detects, downloads, run and then install the required updates within your PC. You can simply disable or remove a modern host setup and can eliminate the problem of high CPU usage within your PC.

Modern Setup Host High CPU Usage

There are basically two reports that users are reporting about modern setup host creating problem in their PC. Firstly, Modern Setup host is causing high CPU usage and affecting the working of the PC. Secondly, that users get the error ‘Modern Setup Host Stopped Working’.modern setup host showing high CPU usage

Since Modern Setup Host is responsible for starting and maintaining the windows update process, so there can be problems like high CPU usage when windows fail to install the updates in your computer. Either the problem of High CPU usage or the problem of crashing of modern setup host will cause you a heavy CPU usage. You can eliminate and remove this problem simply by using the following methods.

Using Windows Troubleshooter:

To start with, it is the basic method to simply eliminate the Windows 10 Modern Host Setup Problems is by using the windows troubleshooter. Windows troubleshooter is a built-in tool present in all the versions of windows and can easily be accessed in Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1 and Windows 10. Follow the below-listed steps to solve the high CPU usage problem in Modern Host Setup using the Windows troubleshooter:

  1. Click on the start menu or press windows key on your keyboard,troubleshoot modern setup host error
  2. Type ‘Troubleshoot’ and hit the enter key,
  3. A new Windows will open, with many different windows system options,what is modern setup host
  4. Go to the ‘Windows Update’ Section and click on it,
  5. Click on ‘Detect’ option, so that your Windows troubleshooter can start detecting the problem your CPU is undergoing.

Windows troubleshooter will automatically detect the problem with your PC and will resolve the problem by either resetting the Modern Setup Host or by restarting the service. If you are still unable to solve the problem, then you shall move on to the next step to solve the high CPU usage problem. In case you are using windows 7 or Windows 8/8.1, then the steps are common. However, in Windows XP, you need to first install the windows troubleshooter from Microsoft store.

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By Using DISM tools

Generally, the process of windows update fails due to corrupt files. These files get corrupted either during the time of download or due to an error in installation and cause high CPU usage.When your windows update files are corrupted then usually modern setup host fails showing errors. You can fix the problem using dism host servicing process.[DISM: Deployment Image Servicing and Management] 

Follow the steps to use DISM process to eliminate Modern Setup Host.

  1. Press the Windows logo key or click on the start menu tab from the taskbar,
  2. In the search box, type CMD and press enter,Windows menu for setup host
  3. right-click on Command Prompt icon,
  4. select Run as Administrator,
  5. Type the following commands and press Enter after each command,
    DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Scanhealth
    DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Checkhealth
    DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth
  6. After your commands are complete, close the window.

After you run these command in your command prompt, modern host setup gets restored. Now the tool is as good as new and your PC will fresh start the use of the tool. All of your downloaded update files start getting installed and you will be able to reset the update services and there would be no more problem related to Modern Setup will rise.

Clean System Reboot

It is the another and most simple method to simply solve the problem of modern setup host high CPU usage problem in your PC. many times due to the running background applications, Windows updates fail to load and cause high CPU usage due to modern setup. A fresh reboot of the system can eliminate the problems by simply closing all the apps and drivers, further restarting the PC again. Follow the below-listed steps to clean reboot your system:

  1. Hold down the Windows logo key + R to bring up a Run box,modern setup host disk usage system configuration windows
  2. Type msconfig and press Enter,
  3. Go to General Tab in System Configuration,
  4. Uncheck Load startup items,
  5. Go to the Services tab,task manager showing modern setup host
  6. Tick Hide all Microsoft services and then click Disable all,
  7. Go to the Startup tab and click Open Task Manager,
  8. On the Startup tab in Task Manager,
  9. Right-click on every startup item with the Enabled status to select Disable,
  10. Back to the Startup tab in System Configuration, click OKDism Online command prompt
  11. Now simply Restart your computer.

Now all you have to do is restart your PC. This restart deletes all the temporary update files, and windows will start updating your system again. This is the easiest and clean way to get rid of modern setup host services.

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Clean Software Distribution Folder

In case you are a Windows 10 user, then a simple solution is available for modern setup host services. All you have to follow is, go to windows software distribution folder and delete all the files and folder in it. In this folder all the Windows Update files get stored, hence removing them will delete all the update related files. After performing this task your system will again download the Windows Update files back to your pc and Modern Setup services will start again.

Follow the steps to fix high CPU usage problem due to Modern Host Services,

  1. Press Windows + R key,
  2. after the RUN window opens, type the following command in the dialogue box appeared,
    C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\Download. Then press Enter,
  3. Now press CTRL + A, all the items in the folder will get selected,  setuphost.exe
  4. Now press SHIFT + DELETE,
  5. Click on yes, and all the files will get deleted from your system permanently,
  6. folder access denied error
  7. Now Restart Your Computer.

After your PC gets restarted, the problem of modern setup host windows 10 must have been resolved by now. Now you can download the required updates either manually or by setting it to automatic download. All the Windows Update files will get downloaded again and updates will start installing automatically in your PC.

Disable Windows Update

Making Windows Updates disabled is never a good option and neither it is recommended, But however when you are using your PC for minimal uses and you do not feel the requirement of windows update, then you can simply disable the windows update and fix the problem of modern setup host high cpu usage.

Follow these steps to disable Windows Updates in Windows,

  1. Press Windows Key + R
  2. In the RUN window, type services.msc, and press Enter,
  3. In the window, find and click on Windows Update Services,
  4. now right click on Windows Update, and click on Properties,
  5. Go to General Tab and set the startup type to Disabled,
  6. Go to the Recovery tab, make sure the First failure is set to Take No Action. Then click Apply > OK.
  7. Now Click on the STOP option and wait for the update services to get forced stop,
  8. Now Click on Apply and OK.

Summing Up:

We have listed all the five possibilities which can cause Modern Setup Host High CPU usage and the ways to fix them. All the methods are tested and will help you to solve your problems. In case your system still creates any problem related to these services then you can simply comment in the section below to get our expert advice. We take a maximum of 48 hours to find and provide the desired solution for the user. All your suggestions are most welcomed.

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