How To Repair Windows 7 Without Reinstalling And Re-Activation?

As we know that Microsoft released many version of the window in previous years because every version has different features. Windows 7 is still the most used operating system until now. Here, We’ll discuss a major problem in this version of Window that is Windows 7 repair.

windows 7 repair

Therefore, Google has a lot of searches about how to repair windows 7 in a day. While users can’t get the complete solution of this problem. You can easily solute this problem by using a repair tool. This tool can replace the important operating system files that might be absent. The repair tool can easily find the error and repair the error in the Windows in the least time rather than others.

Repair Windows 7 In 10 Easy Steps

You can quickly solute this problem in your computer by using below-listed steps:

Boot Windows 7 DVD

First of all, you need a bootable window 7 CD or DVD because when you’ll start windows 7 repair on your computer, it will be asked for a bootable CD or DVD.  After that, you have to boot your computer and restart it. Your PC will be asked for press any key then you have to press any button until you enter the boot screen. But sometime, You’ll fail to enter your boot screen due to any reason then your computer will get restarted again. When it happens you have to do it again.

In the process of windows 7 startup repair, you should remove any external hard drive or flash drivers from your computer because this process can erase your data.

Load Windows Files

No user intervention is required here. You should wait for the setup process to load files which you want to complete. So, In our case, it’s a Startup Repair, But you can complete a lot of tasks by using Windows 7 DVD.

Windows 7 showing error screen


Actually, There are no changes in this step till now, It works similarly to the old process. It may be asked for the Windows 7 product key during the repair. So, you should make sure that you have a product key.

Select Native Language

After the loading files, It’ll be asked for language. You should choose the language to install, Time, and Currency format. It will also give the option to choose the input method or Keyboard that you want to use in your window. You should choose the preferred language because this will be your default language and will work in the whole process of Windows 7 Repair.

Intro screen for the repair of windows 7


Configure The Settings

After selecting the language, you should check the settings and can change it according to your desire, and click Next.

Start Repairing your PC

After changing the Settings, you’ll see ‘repair your computer’ option, Click on it to repair the settings in your system. You can see this option on the left corner of your PC and it’ll begin the Windows 7 System Recovery Options which contains several useful diagnostic and repair tools, one of which is Startup Repair.

windows 7 startup repair


Start System Recovery

After repairing your computer you will see the System Recovery Option that is a set of tool which contains Startup Repair. This option starts searching for your windows and its version on your PC’s hard drive. You shouldn’t do anything when it will windows installation on your computer. Windows installation takes a few minutes but, If it taking more time then there is a problem because it can create a virus.

Disable network access to registry

Choose Installation Method

You can also choose the installation method which you like to perform the startup repair. As a result, you should don’t worry about the process of previously installed windows and currently installed windows. When you use diagnostic tools like System Recover Options then drive letters are somewhat dynamic.

System recovery options to repair windows 7


Repair Tool For Windows 7

You’ll see a list of Repair tool on your screen, So, you should click on Startup repair.

System Recovery Options


Wait For Troubleshooter to Detect Problems

Finally, The repair tool will start searching for the virus or other problems in your computer and suggest you the right solution for the problems. After the finding problems, this repair tool will ask you for the solution or it can also give an automatic repair option in which the system can decide the best to use OS.

Wait for Repair of windows

After searching for the problems in your computer, Your windows have been started to get repaired. Now it’ll fetch all the problems and will make it work again with the window that is installed on your computer. You shouldn’t do anything during this process because it’ll take a few minutes. However, time depends on the type of repair.

Startrup Repair


In this process, Your system may or may not restart several times. If your computer is restarting, you should not boot from the Windows Cd or DVD because, If you do it, you have to restart your computer immediately. Also, Windows 7 ISO Download is available here to make a bootable CD.

 Click Finish and Restart your computer

When you see the Restart your computer after the complete repair of a window, Click Finish and Restart your system. Now Windows 7 will start normally on your computer. If the Startup Repair didn’t fix your problem then it can run again automatically when you will restart your computer.

Sometimes, It does not run automatically and you are still facing the problems. In this case, you should repeat the steps to run Startup repair again manually.

If this tool is not going to solve your problem, you have to use some additional recovery option including a System Restore or a System Image Recovery, assuming you have previously backed up your entire computer.

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