Know What is Service Host Superfetch and Fix High Disk Usage

Superfetch is an embedded windows tool that has been in all windows operating systems since Windows Vista onwards. Superfetch is basically the successor of PreFetch which used to be the tool in Windows XP, 2000, and all previous versions of Windows, present till date in Windows 10 too. Superfetch in windows is used to predetermine the most used programmes on your computer to ensure fast loading of the particular ones.

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Service Host Superfetch can be seen in your Windows Task Manager occupying much of the space in your RAM and CPU. Since Host Superfetch is the tool in the windows that works by analyzing the most used programmes on your Windows operating system. Superfetch then prioritize the most used software in your windows and basically keeps them pre-loaded in the RAM of your computer. This is the tool which makes it possible for a window to run the most used software to start as quickly as possible.

This process conducted by superfetch thus makes your daily use applications and third party software to run directly from RAM, in place of getting loaded from your Storage drives. Sometimes consuming many portions on RAM in your Pc by service host: superfetch can make your pc to run slow and you may need to eliminate or stop the usage of the additional memory on your computer.

Superfetch Disk Usage

Superfetch service starts on the system boot and it occupies the amount of RAM and CPU of your computer in order to perform quick tasking for your pc. It sometimes uses a considerable amount of disk usage and can cause you trouble while running up with your computer. Some users have reported that the disk usage in superfetch goes up to 30% of the RAM/CPU usages.

The above data depends on the type of use you are making out of your computer. Mostly the disturbance reports from superfetch have been reported while playing games. Let us take an example for more understanding of Superfetch Disk Usage:

There are two computers, Computer A and computer B. A is basically used for gaming purposes and B is used just for official work like running Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, Browsers, etc. So Superfetch in the case of Computer A will fetch for the games and will keep them ready for you. Since games are more spacious, they keep much of your memory occupied in your PC, while in computer B, there will be less the 1% of the CPU/RAM usage as it will be fetching keeping programmes in RAM that are of very less memory.

There is also another factor, i.e. the type of drive you are using in your computer or Windows. Superfetch usually gets effective when your windows OS is installed and running on HDD. As HDD can be slower a compared to the SSD, Superfetch occupies the disk space in HDD oriented computers.

Disable Superfetch

Till now there are only two methods that can disable Suprfetch on your Windows 10. These are just the simple methods which can be used to turn on or off any service in your windows system tools. we would like you to suggest you not to turn off or disable superfetch services as they can be useful for your PC optimization. There are many more ways too for PC optimization you can carry with.

Follow the below-listed ways to disable superfetch service host from your computer:

NOTE: We recommend to temporarily disable service host Superfetch, if that can solve your problem.

Disable SuperFetch from Windows Services

  1. Go to start menu and type RUN, (Press the Windows Key + R) service host superfetch
  2. click the corresponding app entry in the results list,what is service host superfetch
  3. Type Services.msc in the window that opens,
  4. Hit Enter,service host: superfetch
  5. Find in the list the tool named SuperFetch,
  6. Right click on that entry
  7. select Stop, from the resulting menu.

This Process will disable your Superfetch services temporarily, and by now your problem must have been resolved. If still, you need to disable Superftch permanently then you can continue following the above steps along with the ones listed below:

  1. When Windows next boots up,
  2. right-click on My computer,
  3. select Properties,
  4. In the drop-down menu next to Startup Type,
  5. select Disabled

Disable SuperFetch via Windows 10 registry

You can disable Superfetch through the registry in windows 10. It’s an easy task that can be carried by just running a few codes and permanently disable system superfetch by Windows 10 registry files. This solution is the permanent solution in order to get rid of High RAM and CPU used by windows.

  1. Press Windows Key + R
  2. click corresponding app entry in the results list.superfetch Windows 10
  3. Type Regedit into the Open box
  4. click the OK button, or hit enter.disable superfetch
  5. Within the registry editor, navigate through HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE—System—CurrentControlSet—Control—Session Manager—MemoryManagement,
  6. select PrefetchParameters
  7. Open up the Enabled Superfetch value by clicking it.superfetch disk usage
  8. Change its value to Zero to disable SuperFetch.
  9. Then click OK button and close down the registry editor.

These are the only two ways that can disable your Windows 10 Superfetch and you can get rid of it. Now since you have disabled windows 10 superfetch services, you might experience programmes to take a bit longer to load as now there is no memory used and preoccupied with the program. Now whenever you open a new program, your program will simply load from your drive or system files.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs On Superfetch)

What is host service superfetch?

Service host superfetch is basically the Windows 10 feature that keeps in the list and preloads the most used programmes in your RAM. It occupies a countable amount of CPU and RAM. Thus service host superfetch can sometimes make your windows 10 slow when running from a long time or using any heavy applications like playing games.

What does the Superfetch service do?

The basic work conducted by the Superfetch tool is basically the application that keeps your most used programmes preloaded in the RAM and ready for execution. It helps in making the execution of your favorite programmes within 80% less time than the usual programmes. It is present from OS 200 to Windows 10. It can sometimes cause high CPU or RAM usage as it keeps your favorite programmes on the list to load it quickly as you click on it.

Can I disable Superfetch service? How do you permanently disable SuperFetch and Windows search?

There are many ways that can disable Superfetch services. We would, however, recommend you not to disable the superfetch services. If still, you want to disable Supefetch Services in Windows 10, then you have two main ways that can be done easily by any of the users. Rest of the ways are bt typical and can cause you trouble as they need knowledge of coder.

Still, you can disable superfech services either by disabling it from windows registry of you can stop the services via windows registry.

How do I get rid of superfetch?

There is only one feasible option that can disable superfetch, i.e. disable Superfetch services. You can do it either by making changes in windows registry or by making changes in windows 10 service files.

What does service host mean?

Well, Service Host: Local System is a bundle of System Processes which operates automatically through the system. It includes processes including Windows Auto Update & many others which takes up huge disk, memory, RAM & even Network i.e., Internet Data. You may have noticed that almost all your available network is taken by this Processes. This problem is frequent in Windows 8 & 10.

How do I turn off Superfetch in Windows 10?

There are two main ways to turn off Superfetch service Host i.e. by simply commanding in the windows registry or you can do it by disabling it in Windows system services in Windows 10.

What is superfetch windows10?

Superfetch Windows 10 is basically the windows 10 service host that helps in making the computer to work fast with your favorite programmes. Now you can easily get your favorite programmes to start immediately as they will be kept pre-loaded. This is a useful tool in Windows 10 and will be helpful in regular use of Windows 10.

Can I End Task Service host local?

Yes, you can easily disable the Task Service Host Local anytime from your windows 10 start manager. You can also permanently disable it using the Windows registry repair.

What are Superfetch and prefetch?

Superfetch is the function that helps in keeping the track of your Windows applications along with keeping them preloaded so whenever you seek to start him it gets started up easily. Prefetch is simply the process in which the windows 10 superfetch fetches the applications or software that are most used and will make your programmes prefetched and prepared for superfetch.

How do I permanently delete SuperFetch?

You can permanently delete the Superfetch Service host by simply modifying the system files for your computer Since the superfetch disk usage sometimes becomes high and causes the computer to hang and work slowly making the computer disrupt sometimes. Superfetch service can be deleted by either making changes in svchost high cpu in system files or svchost.exe from windows task manager.

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Know What is Service Host Superfetch and Fix High Disk Usage
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Know What is Service Host Superfetch and Fix High Disk Usage
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