Hide Taskbar Showing In Fullscreen – for Windows 10, 7, 8 & 8.1

Since last two decades, Computer is the most important device, Which is used in many fields like corporate, education, medical, and many others. We can say that a computer has been the most important for any type of work, But it also creates so many problems when we use it such as taskbar showing in fullscreen. Taskbar creates a different problem in the different version of windows such as Windows 7, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10. As we see that Windows 10 is an advanced and latest version of Windows and the taskbar also plays an important role in it for shortcuts.

How to hide taskbar in windows 10

A computer has many types of problem like slow running, virus, Windows corruption, connecting problem, Taskbar, etc. Windows taskbar is a useful tool but you don’t want to see it all time on your screen such as when you play a video then taskbar on screen irritates you. The taskbar is a wide lane on the bottom on your screen, where we can see the time, internet connection, portable device, etc. Taskbar helps to save your time because we can create a shortcut of any application on the taskbar.

Sometimes windows taskbar showing in fullscreen during the work, and make a disturbance in your work. Actually, most of the people more irritated by Taskbar when they play a full-screen video. So here we will tell you how to hide Taskbar Windows 10 when full-screen video:

How to hide taskbar showing in Full Screen?

It is not a hard process to hide When the Taskbar stays in full-screen. It is almost the same process to hide Taskbar for every version of windows but some steps are different for Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10.

Hide Taskbar In Windows 7 & 8

As we see that some people use the Windows 7 0r Windows 8 till now because they think it’s hard to use Windows 10 due to advanced features. So the following steps can help you when taskbar in fullscreen:

  • Select the desktop from the start menu if you use Windows 8. For Windows 7 and Vista, You should right-click on Taskbar and select the properties.
  • You will see two option Lock the taskbar and Auto-hide the taskbar,
  • Click on the Auto-hide taskbar.
  • Click  Apply On the bottom right corner than taskbar will disappear.
  • You can click OK to close the menu.
  • The taskbar will appear when you point your mouse cursor

NOTE: When you will move your cursor to the bottom of the display than taskbar will pop back up and it can also hide when you move your cursor from it.

Hide Taskbar In Windows 10

When you don’t have the Windows 10 key, you have to install the limited non-genuine version of Windows 10. It can be harmful to your computer because the virus can easily attack the unlicensed version of Windows. So you have to use a good antivirus like Avast, QuickHeal etc. The unregistered version of Windows can create many problems, One of them is that Taskbar visible in full-screen. With the help of these steps you can hide the taskbar from your screen:

  1. Open start menu,
  2. Select setting,
  3. Click Personalization, and then select Taskbar in the left menu for hiding the taskbar when taskbar over fullscreen.
  4. You can also Right-click on the taskbar and select Taskbar setting. If you are using an outdated version of Windows 10, You will see the option Properties instead of Settings.
  5. In desktop mode, The taskbar will hide immediately and it’s so harmful to your computer. So you have to automatically hide the taskbar in desktop mode.
  6. Toggle Automatically hide the taskbar in tablet mode ON. This will hide the taskbar if your device is in tablet mode. You can switch to tablet mode by tapping the Notifications button in the lower-right corner of the desktop, and then tapping the tablet mode button.
  7. You can open taskbar, you should move your mouse to the bottom of the screen then the taskbar will appear.
  8. When you move the cursor off it, Taskbar will hide again.
  9. You can change the location of Taskbar on screen. You can have it on the top of the screen or along the side. It is useful and desirable.

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