Windows 10 is an advanced and smartest operating system, Microsoft ever released, There are so many powerful tools in this operating system, and the Windows 10 search tool is one of them. To find all the programs, files, and setting buried in the depth of your computer can be hard, So search tool allows you to find exactly what you’re looking for, this powerful tool works better with the October 2018 Update. Sometimes windows 10 search not working problem appears. Follow the article to solve the error.

It also allows you to narrow searches such as apps, music, and settings. You can search directly on the web without opening your web browser, and the latest version of Windows 10 makes full use of Cortana’s integration to get you the results you want.

 windows 10 search bar not working

You can directly search any apps, settings, documents, photos, and websites by selecting their categories. From the Windows Timeline, you can resume your activity with specific files, and you can easily know how to use Cortana.

Windows 10 Search Not Working

When you update the latest version of Windows, It can create some problems in your computer and the Windows search bar not working is one of them. Actually, there are so many reasons to make the problems with the search bar in Windows. The search bar can not work if any problem created when you:

  • Update the Windows,
  • Format your computer,
  • Upgrade your Windows from old version to the latest,
  • Install any heavy software,


It can so irritate you When search bar is not working in your computer because it’s very hard to find any app, file, and documents without using the search bar. You should try below-listed solutions when windows 10 search bar not working in your computer:

Restart Computer

When you see that windows 10 Cortana search bar not working on your computer, First of all, you should Restart your computer or laptop because many problems can be remove by restarting the computer. It’s better to perform a restart than shut down too, as shutdowns can occasionally send your Windows 10 PC into hibernation mode, rather than completely turning it off and on again.

Restart Cortana

You should Off the Cortana and On it again, Then you can search for anything on Cortana. Follow the below-listed steps to Restart  Cortana in your computer:

Step 1: Right-click on the taskbar of your computer or  you should tap and hold on a tablet, and select Task manager,

Step 2: You’ll see a Task Manager, Select the processes tab,

Windows 10 menu


Step 3: Scroll through the list until you find the Cortana process,

Step 4: Right-click on Cortana,

task manager windows search not working


Step 5: Select End task from the menu that appears.

Use System File Checker

This is the simplest way to solve your problem when type here to search not working on your computer. If your problem not solved after the restarting computer, You should try below-listed steps:

Service Host Superfetch – Fix High CPU usage

Step 1: Open an elevated Command Prompt,

Step 2: Right-click on Command Prompt,

command prompt


Step 3: Then Run as administrator,

Step 4: Type “sfc /scannow”,

Step 5: This will scan your system files for any errors and automatically fix them.

Modify Windows Search Service

Follow these steps to modify Windows search service:

Step 1: Press the Windows logo key and R at the same time,

Step 2: Then type “services.msc” in the search box,services.msc Run tool

Step 3: Press Enter,

Step 4: Press W key to faster locate Windows Search option,

Cortana search not working


Step 5: Right-click on it and choose properties,

Step 6: Change the startup type from manual to automatic,

Step 7: Click OK to save the change and exit,

 type here to search not working


Step 8: It will be asked for Restart, click OK to restart.

Restore Indexing Services

Step 1: Start button>Control Panel

Step 2: Select the Indexing Options,

All control panel items


Step 3: Click on the Advanced button,

indexing options


Step 4: You’ll see a new window, you should click the Rebuild button under the troubleshooting category.

windows search bar advanced options


Step 5: Click OK to continue on this notification window.

rebuild index


Run Windows Troubleshooter

It’s a better thing that you can solve your problem with a tool that in your computer. It’s not a 100% solution but it is a quick process when Windows 10 Cortana search not working:

Step 1: Click Start,

Step 2: Scroll down the Windows system and find the Control Panel,

Step 3: Click ‘Troubleshooting’ and select System and Security,

Step 4: Click on ‘Search and Indexing’,

System and security


Step 5: Click Next and check the box that applies to your issue,

search and indexing


Step 6: Again click Next to run the scan, it will automatically fix any problem.

Disable/Restart Windows Firewall

Antivirus can create these type of problems, So we are not saying that you should disable and completely delete all third-party antivirus from your computer but according to some feedback antivirus can be a cause of this problem. So you should disable or restart antivirus when Windows 10 search bar not working on your computer.

windows defender


If you enable the Windows Firewall in your computer, It will help you to solve your problem when Cortana search not working.

Move or Rebuild Swapfile.sys

This is the most powerful method to solve your problem but it is only for Windows 10. Windows 10 has linked Pagefile and Swapfile are two inextricably functions both are linked with windows 10 for a different purpose.

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The pagefile eases the weight of RAM by allocating a certain amount of hard drive space to functioning as RAm should you run low in memory. The Swapfile works especially for modern Windows apps.

virtual memory


Actually, Swapfile is directly depended on the Pagefile, If Cortana search not working in your computer, you can try rebuilding the swapfile to kick start it and your Start menu search- back into action. If you want to try this method, So you should learn how to move and modify Pagefile and Swapfile.

Re-register Cortana

If the Restart process is failed, you should try the Re-register on Cortana,

Step 1: Open the Windows File Explorer,

Step 2: And navigate the “C:Windows\System32\WindowsPowerShell\v1.0”,

local disk


Step 3: Right-click ‘powershell.exe,’

Step 4: Then click Run as administrator,

Step 5: Copy the code ‘Get-AppXPackage -AllUsers | Foreach {Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register “$($_.InstallLocation)\AppXManifest.xml”}’ and execute it.

windows powershell





Step 6: Close the PowerShell and restart your system.

cortana search


Restart Windows Explorer

If the process of restarting the computer is failed to solve your problem then you should try to restart the Windows Explorer process. It can be a solution and responsible for managing files on your PC as well as the smooth functioning of the Start menu.

Task manager


To restart the Windows Explorer, you should press Ctrl+Shift+Esc to jump into Task Manager, Click on ‘More details’ in the bottom-left corner, then scroll down to Windows Explorer, right-click it, and hit the Restart. Now. you should check that windows search not working or working.

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