Restore Solution For Windows 10 Start Menu Not Working

In Windows, the Start Menu Button has been the trademark for Microsoft, In each and every version of windows from Windows 95 to Windows 10, every window has a special Windows/Start button. But sometimes due to micro errors, the windows button do not get clicked or started. Here we have discussed all the possibilities for the windows 10 start menu not working error. Follow the article below and you will be able to rectify every possible error making start butt not working in Windows.

windows 10 start menu not working

There may be the error that your start menu may not be working or there may be the error that causes start menu to not get clicked, Or when you are clicking on the start menu then you are getting an error, We are going to discuss all the errors and all possible rectifications for it.

Scan the Damage

Make sure that whenever, you get any such error, due to which there s any problem in windows 10, then firstly you shall restart or force restart your pc. After you have restarted your computer, then all you need to do is check that if the error is gone or not. If still there are errors then you shall check for the corrupted files using system file checker or any premium antivirus scan.

To open the System File Checker, you need to follow the listed steps:

  1. Go to run,
  2. Open Command Prompt, type Win + R
  3. Type  “sfc/scannow”.
  4. Now a scan will start and will check for all the possible errors arising in windows.
  5. It will Automatically look, find and repair the system files automatically.

Windows 10 Start Button not Working

Soon after the release of Windows 10, Microsoft rolled out the update that was o rectify the error of start menu not working in windows 10. There are some reasons which let the error to appear and after the latest updates too, there are still some bugs that many time makes the windows start button to stop working. This is also the reason that makes many users switch back to windows 7 again in place of using windows 10.

Basically, all the possible reasons and all the possible solutions for the Windows start button not working in windows 10 are listed below.

Fix Windows Registry

The basic solution to Windows start button not working,  can be started talking with the System Tweak Registry. You can simply tweak your system recovery in order to make your home button working. Please confirm that you have made your backup files before making any registry changes to your system.

Shortcut to use Windows Menu when windows start button not working

  1. Tweak your registry system,
  2. After you have tweaked up the registry then you have to go to registry editor,
  3. Open the registry editor by clicking WIN + R, key.
  4. navigate to the option by typing
  5. Double Click on Start menu in your Windows pane.
  6. Change the numeric value to “4”.
  7. Now simply reboot your pc, and the error must have been gone by now.

Restarting Windows Explorer to Restore START Button

When your windows 10 start menu not working, then this could also be due to the reason that there is some glitch n your windows explorer. You can restart your windows explorer through your task manager. You can restart your start menu by following these steps:

  2. Your pc will open the task manager
  3. click on More Details,
  4. Under the list of processes, simply find out the Windows Explorer,
  5. Right click on it and click Restart.

Application Identity

Another solution to windows 10 start button not working is through the running the application identity services. The application identity services in windows 10 run with the applocker for the protection purposes. Sometimes due to the presence of malware makes the windows not to open is taskbar or use system tray as the applocker detects something unusual. Here are a few simple steps that can fix your error simply by these steps.

  1. To start with, Press Win+R, 
  2. Type services.msc in the box that appears.
  3. After the application identity appears, right click on start button.
  4. Click on the restart/reboot options and your computer will get started again. And all the problems will be gone away.

This can be the most common error that appears usually when your CPU is working at high speeds.

Open Task Manager

Stop Auto Sign-in on your Device

There is also the windows start button not working error occurring each time when you simply turn on your computer, or there is being any Update process running, or there is a disturbance and hanging in the menu, then this is also said the solution on many forums and websites.

  1. Go to your Control Panel And Click Settings,
  2. Click on Accounts,
  3. Now click on Sign in and scroll down to Privacy,
  4. Turn off “Use My Sign In Info” to Off.

The reason due to which this method came into consideration, is because when the Sign in option is on then your pc, and taskbar starts trying to sync, that’s why there appears the problem of the start button not working in windows.

Microsoft compatibility telemetry

Use command prompt when windows 10 start button not working

Make A New ADMIN

Another solution for the Start button not working simply making a new admin account so that there is basically a fresh start for your pc. This problem basically arises after the windows update. One of the user Jim Samuel, a renowned author at Microsoft Forums said, that simply making a new ADMIN account will resolve the start button problem along with many other problems that may appear after you have Updated your Windows 10.

  1. To do this, press Ctrl + Shift + Esc/del to open Task Manager,
  2. click File then Run new task
  3. type   “net user yourname yourpassword /add
  4. Type your desired admin name in ‘yourname’ place. and then type your desired password in ‘yourpassword’ section.
  5. Tick the checkbox to make it an administrator account, then click OK
  6. Log in to the new account.
  7. Transfer the files of the old account to the new account. And you are done.

Reinstall Your Windows API

There are many nice and cool features that windows apps have. Apps like tools and gaming make the processor work deeply and make the Start Button Stops or may get disturbed many times. To resolve the problem of windows button not working using this method follow the steps that are getting below.

Control Panel

You can use this simply by using the PowerShell. PowerShell is basically the new and improved version of the command prompt. You can search and Run As Administrator in PowerShell without much of the hassle. This is also a nice way to resolve the problem of start menu not working windows 10.

List of free DNS Servers

sfc scan now option in command prompt to open start menu

  1. Click Sart,
  2. Type ‘Powershell’ in your search box,
  3. the PowerShell icon will appear,
  4. right click on the PowerShell icon,
  5. Click on “Run PowerShell as Administrator”
  6. In the Administrator option, you will get a command prompt box,
  7. type the following in the box
    Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register “$($_.InstallLocation)AppXManifest.xml
  8. Now the Processes will start to rectify the error  by checking for the errors,
  9. After the process is finished, simply ignore all the warnings and check that is your start button not working, acualy it will work now.Resource files cleanup

Reboot In Safe Mode

There are many reports from the Microsoft forums that claim that if your start menu is not working or there I any other minor bug that is affecting your performance, then simply booting your pc in safe mode and then boot it back to the normal will make your minor bugs fixed and also start menu start working. You can easily boot your pc in safe mode, all you have to do is follow these steps to solve windows start menu not working problem.

  1. in order to boot your pc in Safe Mode in Windows 10,
  2. press Win+R, a box will appear,
  3. type msconfig,
  4. Go to System Configuration window
  5. click the Boot tab,
  6. check the Safe boot box,
  7. click Network then press OK.
  8. Now simply check, your start menu must have started working by now.

Disable Antivirus/Dropbox/Other graphics

There is the mentioning of the windows getting in trouble due to Dropbox or other graphics API that is being run on your pc. These are also the reason that is making them slow your pc and making  start button not working windows 10.

Change values of Windows 10 Start menu to make it work

In thee cases mostly the solution can be derived by simply making the system restart or you can also disable the antivirus and the Dropbox backup in your pc. Problems with AMD cards have been connected to the Start menu not working too, and some users have reported that going to “services.msc” and disabling “AMD External Events Utility” can resolve the issue.

Restart Your Computer

This is said to be the most common and the simplest method when you want to rectify any unexpected error from your computer. In windows 10 manly sometimes the Cortona and the start menu do not work. This is the basic solution to Windows 10 start menu won’t open in your windows.

If simply turning off and on your computer do not make the fix for the problem then you can also restart your computer for a couple of times. This will also be a good solution for the respective. If still restarting your pc doesn’t make the solution for your problem then also you can be processed for the other options for the respective.

Reinstall Antivirus Systems

There are many reported cases that say that any third party anti-virus or anti-malware software causes the windows 10 start menu and taskbar not working problem that can be easily eliminated by simply making the uninstall and then reinstalling the antivirus software from your pc. However, we suggest you that try disabling the protection for the moment and then see if your problem has been solved. If still there occurs the problem then you shall probably reinstall the antivirus.

Task Manager highlighting windows start menu explorer

Creating new user profiles

There are many users that say that they can resolve the window icon not working problem by creating the new user profiles for your computer. Microsoft forums and windows 10 forums say this is also a solution for the following problem. Follow the steps below to create a new user profile on your pc.

  1. Make two new user profiles with administrative rights. Keep in mind that the administrator privileges are necessary for you to execute the tasks needed to resolve the error.
  2. Log into one of the new user profiles you created. Check if the Start menu is functioning properly.
  3. Make sure you can see all the hidden files, system files, and file extensions.
  4. You can do this by following this path: Control Panel ->Appearance and Personalization ->File Explorer Options ->View.
  5. Click on Show hidden files, folders, and drives,
  6. click the Apply button.Application identity in Services
  7. Log into the other new user profile and repeat the process.
  8. Navigate to this path: C:\Users\OtherNewProfileYouAreNotUsing\AppData\Local\TileDataLayer.
  9. Copy the Database folder,
  10. then navigate to: C:\Users\UserProfileWithProblems\AppData\Local\TileDataLayer.
  11. Change the name of the Database folder in this account to Database.old. Paste the Database folder you copied from the properly functioning account.
  12. Log into the problematic user profile and check if the issue has been resolved. hecker completes the whole procedure. By now all the problems you were facing for the windows 10 windows button not working.

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