Where is Windows 10 Upgrade Folder And How to Remove It?

As we know that Windows 10 is a latest and smartest operating system, Which is powered by Microsoft, Which has advanced features instead of others. So many types of files can be automatically generated when you upgrade windows 10 by using Windows 10 product key. One of them is Windows 10upgrade folder.

windows 10upgrade folder

Windows 10Upgrade Folder

When you install the Windows 10 Update Assistant, Windows 10 upgrade folder gets created automatically. It is situated in ‘C’ drive, is usually around only 19.9 MB in size and houses the program files for Windows 10 Update Assistant App.

If you don’t need this app, you can easily uninstall it and you can easily Windows 10 upgrade folder safe to delete by uninstalling the Windows 10 Assistant App.

Delete Windows 10 Upgrade Folder

There are so many searches about Windows upgrade folder on Google in a day. Microsoft does not permit to delete the Windows 10 upgrade folder directly. But you can quickly remove it by uninstalling the windows assistant app with the help of below-listed methods:control panel access, Windows tool access

1. Delete By Direct Method

Step 1: Click on start button and open the ‘Control Panel,’

Step 2: Select Apps & Features,

Step 3: You’ll see a list of applications,windows uninstaller

Step 4: Click on Windows 10 Update Assistant,

Step 5: And select uninstall,

uninstall windows 10 upgrade

Step 6: You will be asked for confirmation,

Step 7: Click on Confirm to uninstall,

Step 8: Windows 10 Update Assistant will be uninstalled,

Step 9: After the uninstall it, Windows 10 upgrade folder will be deleted automatically from C drive.

2. Delete Using Command Prompt (CMD)

You can easily delete this folder by using CMD prompt:

Step 1: Download and launch Elevated Commands Prompt from the official website of Microsoft,

Step 2: Type wmic and press Enter,

Windows system 32 command prompt


Step 3: You Will see the ‘wmic:root\cli>‘ in the next line,command prompt for windows 10upgrade folder

Step 4: You should type “product get name” after the “wmic:root\cli>” and press enter,

Step 5: A list of an installed program in your PC will be shown on the command prompt,

Step 6: You have to type exactly product where name=”Windows10Upgrade” call uninstall,delete windows10upgrade folder using cmd

Step 7:  And press Enter,

Step 8: You can check that Windows 10 upgrade folder has removed from C drive.

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Is It Safe To Delete Windows 10 Upgrade Folder?

The folder you are referring to was generated by the Windows 10 Upgrade Assistant during the Anniversary Update. If you are satisfied your system is operating fine, you can safely remove this folder. , However, Microsoft doesn’t allow to delete Windows 10 upgrade folder, But if you uninstall the Windows 10 Assistant App then you will that folder will be removed automatically.  So it is safe to delete this folder, After deleting this folder, You enjoy having a computer not rebooting.

How Can I Get Again Windows 10  Upgrade Folder?

This folder contains program files in windows 10 and keeps them safe from any virus. It will be deleted when you’ll eliminate the windows assistant app; But it doesn’t mean that you can’t get it again. You can get it back by installing the Windows 10 assistant app.

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