Steps to Disable Windows Modules Installer Worker Showing High Disk Usage

After all the latent qualities and many more features, you can still sometimes experience that your processor is working at full clock speed. Working at full clock speed, then your SMPS fan runs at full speed in order to cool down your processor. This can lead to a lag in your computer’s performance. Windows Modules Installer Worker is one of the reasons for making these troubles.

Windows has been the best operating system since the time the computer came into popularity. According to stats, there are about 60% of the total world’s computer that is running and operating on the Windows Operating system. In this article, we have completely covered the causes and fix for Windows modules installer worker Windows 10.

Windows Modules Installer Worker

What is Windows Modules Installer Worker?

It is the tool that conducts the check and download of the Windows update for all necessary tools. After the download of Windows update files, TiWorker.exe starts executing the files to install updates. All Updates start running in the background. This process is the reason for making the windows update Run. When Windows Modules download and install the system update files, it causes a lot of windows CPU usage. This process usually starts after you have logged in your pc. This program starts in the background and keeps the process running silently.

There is no simple way by which you can stop or pause the windows modules installer worker high disk usage Windows 10 or Windows 7, or any other version of Windows operating systems. These windows modules are present in all versions of Windows from Windows XP, to Windows 10. You have to follow and conduct some steps in order to stop Windows Modules working in your PC.

This tool is also referred by term TiWorker.exe in Windows 10. Whereas in earlier versions it was simply defined by the name following in the article. In Task Manager of the windows 10, either it can be referred to as TiWorker or Windows Modules.

Since Microsoft releases a new update for its operating system every month, thus this process can seem working every month. You will be working on your PC and at any period of time, you can experience the CPU working at its full-on speed. You can eliminate the patch files of your windows every month to get rid of automated windows working processes.

Fixing High Disk Usage Error

To start to solve out any of the relative problems in your computer is by simply closing all the programs at once. Most of the windows errors stop appearing when the programs are closed and windows is restarted. Still, in this case, the speed of the CPU fan is not getting any lower values.

It is a self upgradation process that keeps on updating the necessary elements on your computer. After closing all the applications you can still check for the reason that is maintaining your fan speed at high RPM via Windows Task Manager. You can notice that windows modules installer worker is consuming your most of the memory running. This is the reason due to which the graphical and gaming files are not working well.

Windows modules also cause many problems like your CPU making noise and producing a lot of heat issues. This process is called TiWorker.exe, which runs for the Windows files and a graphical processing unit. It can also be found by this name in windows task manager in case of Windows 10.

Windows Module Installer Worker High CPU Usage

Windows Modules Installer worker High CPU usage is caused because windows start repairing itself. All update processes are started after a long time of connectivity to the internet. As you are connected to the internet for a long time windows update manager starts working. working with software like Xpadder Windows 10 will also be affected when these windows modules are at their function.

The most simple and the easiest way to turn off installer by restarting your computer. There are also ways to delete this tool permanently from your computer so that you do not face such a problem again. But we will recommend that you shall not delete any computer or windows tool files.

After your system starts processing the updates, the Windows Modules Installer will automatically launch and soon the updates will get to start installing with the new one. We suggest that whenever there is any windows related process running in the background you shall let it run. But when they start causing your trouble, you shall disable them temporarily for some time. Windows Modules is the system tool that falls under the category of Service Host superfetch, as they are found under same windows libraries.

Disable Windows Modules Installer Worker

  • The confusion gets raised when you are in the middle of your work and your CPU has started working at its full speed. You can stop the processes of windows module installer worker windows 10 by switching it OFF, either for the temporary period or permanently.

NOTE: Stopping or disabling of Update of any windows file will surely cause your windows technical glitches.

  • Turning your connected internet connection to metered connection can also make and solve your purpose. When you set any internet connection as metered connection, then any of the windows files will not happen to set up with update process to start and thus u can simply get rid of the windows modules installer worker high disk problems.
  • By using this method above you can stop windows modules from working for a temporary period and you can install your windows updates manually. Whenever you download your windows updates manually, you need to enable windows tools and files again to install updates. When you start installing updates manually, then also all the updates are installed using these tools only.
  • Neither Windows Modules are any type of virus or hacking attack to your PC, nor it is any un-necessary file that shall be completely deleted from your PC.

Tips and Tricks


Whenever Windows Modules Installer has been running for a long time, your system can start experiencing problems with running software. The CPU starts freezing and get stuck at a particular point and start showing high disk usage. This problem arises in the computer when any corrupt or broken windows update files appears.

In these cases, you must re-download your windows updates and then try reinstalling them. You can also seek the help of the windows 10 troubleshooter and run a scan. You can do the following by simply following the below steps;

  1. go to Settings
  2. Go to Update & Security
  3. Click on Troubleshooter
  4. Apply fixes suggested by Windows Troubleshooter for TiWorker.exe.


When windows modules installer worker windows 10 high disk are working then your CPU and computer can experience many crashes and trouble running with the various type of applications depending on configuration your computer is running with. The methods that we have discussed in this post will clearly make you relieved from Windows Modules from working or stopping your pc from getting a proper workup. We have listed below the solutions that can simply get rid of the Windows Modules Installer Problems.

Clean Reboot your PC

This is the most basic and easiest way to get rid of any small and windows related problems from your PC. You can be free from all the technical problems by simply performing a clean reboot to your PC. This can also fix svchost.exe high CPU usage problems also at the basic level.

Clean reboot is nothing then rebooting your PC. Usually, you can restart your pc to solve the problems because whenever you restart your PC you clear and clean all the temporary cached files/processes.. However, performing a clean boot will just make you’re a temporary solution.

Clean reboot actually clears all your temporary files and cookies. This actually cleans all temporary and junks files from your system and you can simply solve windows modules problem using the following steps.

  • Click on the Windows button and search for msconfig.exe.
  • Double click on it to open it.
  • Find MSConfig.exe and click on it,
  • Press Apply changes and then OK.
  • No all you have to do is restart your computer.

Modify Windows Update Settings:

By default, every operating system comes with the automatic updates enabled. The use of automatic update is basically to keep your system updated whenever a newer version of files and tools are available for the system. In the process of automatic updates, TiWorker.exe starts itself and start updating your system files. So basically whenever your system is conducting updates, it will run the windows modules to install the driver and other updates in windows components.

Follow these steps so that you can turn off updates:

  1. Go to Start Menu Button
  2. Type Run,Windows modules installer worker Windows 10
  3. when the dialogue box appears, type services.msc and click OK.
  4. A new window will open, find windows modules installer worker, by searching on the search modules installer worker windows 10 high disk
  5. Open Windows Modules Installer,
  6. Find Startup Type and change its setting to Manual.
  7. Click OK.
  8. Go to ControlPanel and find Windows Update,
  9. Inside Windows Update settings, set Windows update to the manual.tiworker.exe
  10. Now, All you have to do is restart your computer.


  1. Find out Windows Troubleshooter, and type Tiworker.exe and press enter.
  2. In the new window, look at the left side.
  3. You will some options there. Click on View All,
  4. In the system maintenance option, you can start to diagnose and repair process, that can help in detecting the broken files among your pc.
  5. I will automatically resolve any issues in your system within a few minutes.
  6. After that, you have to simply restart your computer.

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